A Place Among The Trees

She carries her mistakes like a prison sentence. No ones perfect so logically she would never be free.

Surrender reality for disbelief.

She fell in love with the idea of being in love.

All of that now seems so long ago…

She wanted something more.

When everything in her environment was saying settle for less. We live in a world that won’t let you be satisfied with content. Joy from the outsiders is met with contempt. So often she couldn’t reflect; she would just chase thoughts of happiness. I wanted to learn multiple languages so I could tell her in every possible way to not give up.

I hope you hear the echo of my words as they reach across great buildings that use to be only desert sands. The islands of her mind she let you venture in feel like the promise land.

She has given pieces of her heart she knew she would never get back. So now she keeps a distance from our idea of love because she wants to keep her soul intact.

She remembers all the dark days. She’s heard from so many men many times to come see what they had to offer as if she was blind. She walked into many houses that looked the same outside because inside they said she would make it a home. But she sees the imbalance in their feng shui. No longer gives them the chance to prove her right or wrong. There’s no way for her to interior decorate. She saves her fantasies for lyrics that she feels in songs.

Until she is the main attraction in someone’s show. Being in the crowd is what makes her feel so alive.

There’s more than just something about you. There’s a few things.

Don’t call her beautiful.

Say she’s organic.

Learned to love herself she’s in full bloom

She wants a garden in her back yard and to spend her weekends sleeping among the trees. But everybody that she is willing to plant seeds with cuts her deep before they can even get rooted. So now there’s just blood on the leaves.

Now there’s just blood on the leaves. And when the day hits EVEning she sits and wonder is she forbidden fruit.

She’s not built to be cold but she is learning to adapt well. I’ve seen her in the crowd when the sun touches her. Warm body warm blooded. Nothing could compare to that. Nothing could prepare you for that. There were people all around and her smile felt like the lyric to my favorite hymn.

I should’ve told her then she deserves to be on stage. But I was too busy enjoying her song.

You know those moments we don’t truly realize are moments until they are gone.

She carries her mistakes like a prison sentence.

Hopefully one day she’ll be free. But I guess she’ll have to decide for her what does freedom really mean.?

What’s the purpose of fresh air if deep breathes scare you to death?

You deserve gardens. You deserve trees.

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  1. Tierra Dennis says:

    Love love love your blogs. They always give me something to think about.

    1. Young Lion says:

      Thanks for reading it means a lot.

  2. Karla says:

    This touches my soul. Exquisite and profound! Love! Thank you for sharing your gift.

    1. Young Lion says:

      Thank you for reading it means a lot to me.

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