The Strangers

Everything about you is a wave and I’m falling in love with the ocean.

I want the pieces of you left unseen can I drown in your emotions? Plans set sail I’m trying to put ideas in motion. I would travel all seven seas with a message in the bottle just for you to read everything you mean to me.

But if I never get that chance again. If the ocean is off limits.

Just know I’ll forever hold you down. Keep your soul safe. Keep your spirit sound. This is solid ground.

Thoughts of you always lead to visions of us.

She fuck with me. She fuck with me not.

We picking sides.

Is you with me or what?

In the present you in-between. So you don’t know if I’m your past or your future.

I told the City about you so now I’m just waiting Till it’s for the World to know.

Patience is my most important virtue.

I’m glad we met. Wish I could say more but…

They say two broken people can’t fix each other. But what if they are two sides of a broken heart that need to come together?

Sometimes my thoughts allow me to think like that.

Two halves that could form a whole.

What if I was so use to having a missing piece that I didn’t realize the shape of you could fill a void for me? What if I realized at the stroke of midnight me at my best is exactly what you need? But now you’ve moved onto a new day.

That’s just how time works.

Calendars never stay the same.

I don’t deserve to know your intimate thoughts. So I’ll put my curiosity in the part of my brain I treat as deep space.

I have to give you man made concepts.

Time and space.

In hope that you understand this mans concept of wanting you.

Forever and infinity.

They so close to the same but the structure is different.

I got 99 visions you the 1 I’m missing.

There was a knock at the door. You could tell by the gentle aggression it was from a hand wanting more. So to answer meant that for our affliction I was hoping there was a cure. Fully indicating no peep hole needed on the other side you’d be waiting.

I was wrong.

I’ve been wrong before.

I’ll be wrong again.

But it’s always beautiful when I make it right.

So hypothetically in my thoughts when I open that door let just pretend it was you on the other side.

She standing there more majestic than ever before. The light from the hallway exit sign as I welcome her in brings a little gleam to her eyes. There’s so many little things that make her unique.

Her: I want to talk but you need to take a chill pill before I say anything more.

Him: one second let me go to my prescription drawer

Her: it was just a metaphor. Please don’t be so extreme.

Him: Old lies. New truths. You don’t want to hear anything. So I’ll listen like it depends on everything.

She said: Every hard lesson I have ever learned in this life I have fallen in love with first. I passed the class but i had to go through the pain and the hurt.

He replied: I want to be empathetic but that was so beautiful. Can you say it again?

Her: Every hard lesson I have ever learned in this life I have fallen in love with first. I passed the class but I had to go through the pain and the hurt.

Him: Was I one of your teachers?

Her: You were a professor.

Him: Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. I know in your mind our love had a eulogy. On the tombstone is moments shared between you and me. I’m thinking about the potential of the future and you are only concerned about our history.

Her: You are lowkey and we both know I keep everything a mystery. I’m the gatekeeper of my soul. If I lay with you my expectation is not just our body but our thoughts become intertwined. So I need someone that understands my mind.

Him: I know I’m asking for a redo at romance and on your scoreboard this is actually my fourth chance

Her: At least you now you understand while I talk to you like this. No one ever stands behind their words. Life taught me to walk like this. There’s been plenty of men who say things just like you. I mean you’re better with the words but I can’t take the chance again to play the fool.

Him: You speak the truth as if it’s art. I know I’m good with words, but I realized it’s more important that I walked with you. And we can go our separate ways I just hope that our roads meet again.

Her: And what if they don’t? What if it’s just you and I but never us again? What if I don’t want to talk to you everyday? What if we really do this and one day you just wake up and don’t feel the same? What are you going to do on the days when we fight and there’s tears in my eyes as I fall to sleep? Can you answer those questions for me? Or did you think a love poem would make this easy?

Him: I don’t make promises I don’t fully intend to keep. I’m here with you in this moment, but I don’t want you for only the moment. This is something I believe could last a life time. And when we both die. I promise to try and find you again. I need your energy. I’m not here to tell you that you’re perfect. I’m not here to say it will be easy. In all honesty I’m saying that you are worth it. That figuring it out with you is more important than starting new with someone else. That I want to see you smile because of me. That everyday I’ll get better at being what you need. I know I might’ve lost the opportunity. But I’ve been through too much not to believe in happy endings. At our best I’ve seen how we look at each other. There’s something in our chemistry that can’t be denied. There’s something in the night sky that when I look at the stars I always wish for you. I don’t just want you in my life I want you by my side.

Stranger 1: The world use to be so innocent. How did we learn to doubt like this?

Stranger 2: Because as life slowly or sometimes quickly took that innocence away. It taught us how to survive. It taught us to be strictly we needed to make it through the day. And now so many of us are living that way. How even when we are broken there’s always something in life worth holding it together for. I think we have to believe in that.

Stranger 1: How many times have you fallen apart?

Stranger 2: You mean today? This week? This month? This year? This lifetime?

Stranger 1: I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you pick up the pieces.

Stranger 2 Missing pieces… half hearts….little voids…time and space…

Stranger 1: it’s crazy how time and distance can make people strangers again.

Stranger 2: Its insane how if right now we met for the first time it would all be so different.

Stranger(s): Maybe one day there will be a knock at the door.

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