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When someone ask you who you believe in I hope the first person that comes to mind is yourself. Selfishly I hope somewhere on the short list of other people is me. Because it’s natural to want people you believe in, to believe in you. Even if you fail to believe in me that doesn’t stop me from thinking you can accomplish anything.

I’ve seen miracles and I’ve seen destruction. On both ends of the spectrum what we are capable of doesn’t surprise me.

I’ve had conversations with people who want to change the world.

I’ve looked in the eyes of someone who is following their passion.

I’ve seen the smiles when it’s taken time but someone really discovers self worth.

I want to match that energy.

I gave sincere apologies that didn’t change the outcome.

I’ve given flowers to people while they are alive and can still smell them.

I hope when I left the roomthey still got watered.

You can be a candle or a Sun. Either way you have the possibility to bring light to every situation.

Positive energy is like the antidote to every poison this world tries to give to us. Don’t ever worry about those who doubt your dreams. They gave up on hope a long time ago. They’re still breathing but they already dead.

Someone will always have an opinion on what you accomplish and praise for your failures. That’s why you have to know who you are when you walk into a room. Don’t let someone else’s mindset change your opinion of self.

Charity starts at home and that self love is wealth.

I like the sound of music and to the lead the orchestra you must turn your back to the crowd. You must remember everybody is not going to clap for you.

Not everyone is going to love like you do. Not everyone will have faith in the situation.

In this world some people’s life is everything that was handed to them. I want my life to be everything that I created. Every achievement celebrated. Every bad day conquered. Every apology sincere. Every “I love you” true.

I want them echo in forever things I did while I was here.

But I still live in reality. I realize all of this is easier said then done. Blueprints mean nothing if we can’t build.

But I’m logical in my existence. I know people need time. I know in certain situations I needed to give more. I know even the most beautiful things may just become memories in my minds museum and I have to let go.

I know I’m complex in a way that I can’t expect most to understand.

I like flaws. I like complicated. I like imperfections. Which is to really say I like the humanity in us all.

Some days you will be sprawled out on a field of your dreams soaking in the Sun of ambitious possibility.

Other days you will filled crippled in a dark and twisty way. In a room with no windows. The only voice you can hear is your own and it’s providing doubts.

This journey will have its ups and and downs.

It will have people you never want to see again and people you wish you had the chance to meet for the first time all over.

Those moments you wish you could forget and those memories you want to experience twice.

I often think how some of these moments I think are insignificant have probably changed my life. How I have to live with my wrongs that I can’t make right.

The chip on your shoulder. That lump in your throat. That weight on your chest. The voices in your head. The butterflies in your stomach. What motivates you?

This life has its ups and downs. It’s views and times of utter blindness. No matter how high you’ve been. No matter how low you been. Flying or crawling has made you what you are.

Always remember while you started. Don’t stop till you’re finish.

If you don’t like who you are; change it.

If you don’t like this world; change it.

Do what needs to be done to make sure that when someone ask what you believe the first thing that you say is yourself.

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