Vanity Mirror

I’m going to start with honesty about some things that may never be.

Magic 8 ball is she my destiny?

I’m looking in the bathroom mirror trying to see if you’re next me.

My old girl should be my new girl because she deserves the best version of me. And for the first time in my history. My potiental is matching up with my reality. The scary thing is I’m only getting better. I want you here for it, because with you everything is better.

Reading old text like why did I wait so long to tell you that?

In this life I always try to do good because I believe in Karma and I want your sutra.

The balance of it all.

I believe in Karma and I want your sutra.

Willing to compromise if you willing to bend. So take away the first R and we in that connected position again. Kamasutra

All that is a wrinkle in time of things that will come in due time. I’m fine with taking months just getting to know you. And I’ll probably never get a yes, but no matter want I have a Dedication to your Drama like I’m Weezy F.

And on the days you won’t text me back, I just write poems. And one day your favorite singer will use my words and you’ll be like “ This my song” but the lionhearted listened to Mufasa words closely. This just the circle of life I understand it all. I was suppose to your Rock so I let go of my Pride so I can take away your Scars when I come back home.

The old me wanted you. The new me needs you. I changed but I’ll take you as are. Do you know how hard it is for a mans ego to say things like that? But I needed to say just that and you still deserve more.

I’m intrigued by you. Don’t want it to be a mystery. Tell me about all your pain. I know somewhere in sharing that history you’ll have to say my name. I grew into what I am now so changed the outcome of the game. I know there’s plenty others who will treat you well but me and the competition are not the same. This positive lens is a reflection of my energy. I’m alone in rooms looking in mirrors and see you next to me. I building a kitchen, you bring the ingredients. This is a recipe.

I miss your reflection. You don’t even notice but there’s always light around you.

I hope you read this shit and I hope you find a way to tell me your favorite line. FaceTime calls with the family simply because you was on my mind. I’m trying to see far enough in the future to when I can tell the world you mine. But I ain’t got no crystal ball or any of those other lines mentioned in Santeria. But I’m Sublime for you.

I know I’ll never forget it but can you show me your smile everyday. I’ve been trying for months on end but when the goal is forever I guess you just hoping the months don’t end.

I’ve been trying for months on end but when the goal is forever I guess you just hoping the months don’t end.

But if the tall man fall shorts for the expectation being the height that you need. Just know your reflection will always be beautiful to me. These aesthetics or just metaphors for the life I want to lead. Trying to touch what I feel. Master the elements around me. My eyes see potential that I want to see through. These all visions down a path that lead to you.

I told my mom if I lose this one it will really hurt. She said just believe in yourself that always works. So I’m believing in me by believing in us. That involves you taking a chance on me because to make it work we need the trust.

Trying to show I’m not the same, but you lived a life with men that letting you down is how it’s always been. No judgement here I live in glass house everything in existence is window or a mirror to me. And I’ll still throw stones and boulders heavy with promises to you I want to keep. But if it falls on deaf ears all of this just turns to dust in wind.

I want to be the one that puts all the logic of your mind and the foolish romance in your heart on the same page. And then I want to write down everything you mean to me.

I don’t want to be left with those incomplete kisses. Those unfinished moments in a history. Memories that could be, that stopped as dreams.

I understand how time works if you ain’t in it for the long haul I have to Uhaul.

Move on eventually.

Let’s be more real than ever with it.

I know my mistakes but I can still look you in the eyes of your beautiful face. Cause I know my intentions are pure and I want to put in the work to be your soulmate.

But I played sports my whole life I understand the guard and why yours is up.

Do you believe in love or do you believe in god? They say god created man so is that who is to blame for everyone who broke your heart.

I don’t get the privilege of knowing your secrets but I know some of your thoughts. You think you’re probably just better off alone. Too many things have bought you to your knees. So bad romance or bad religion. You atheist to it all.

Just know I talk to the sky and the universe heard me pray for you.

What if it’s all the same?

I can’t expect you to be foolish as me, it’s smarter to keep your distance. Seeing my face might give you second thoughts. A Rush of Blood to the Head got me writing triple entendres like a Scientist about taking it back to the start. You start to smile and laugh and second guess while we are apart. I asked when you are sober do you still believe in love? You know the answer. That’s why when I offer you never take a shot.

Never take a chance.

Ask me all your questions cause I know them secrets get heavy.

Trying to do arts and crafts on the pieces of your puzzle that you feel were forever lost.

But once we figure it out we’ll see not that much was missing.

So often we move this world like movie. And if your cinema is a romantic comedy. I just want to play my part.

And I know I can’t take the credit for all your bad romance but you’re over adding to the list of men that let you fall instead of sweeping you off your feet when they ask “Can I have this dance?”

You’re over adding to the list of men that let you fall instead of sweeping you off your feet when they ask “Can I have this dance?”

But I don’t want to stand still with you.

I went from bricks with no home and when it’s 11 minutes after 11 wish you could see how I plan to architect this.

Build with you in this space like brick and mortar. Stay weird forever like we Rick and Morty.

But if you become a ghost of my past. Come back and haunt me with your pretty thoughts.

A star from far away that I was trying to get to but my space ship crashed.

Just know my sense of you will never change.

There will forever be memories and hypothetical situations I hold on to

There will never be a bitter taste when food reminds me of you

I’ll still see you as apart of my view

Will forever dance when I hear music we put each other on to

The smell of flowers that I wanted to bloom in every room you walked into.

I’ll miss the touch of your body because it was like the fountain of youth.

You could be a reflection of my destiny. There’s nothing but light all around you. Every angle on you glows. Early in the morning I think your face is flawless. Your body is impeccable because it holds that spirit and heart. Your soul is perfectly imperfect. I look at you as no flaws. I look at your flaws like they could be the best part of me. I’m not afraid of the vulnerable tone in my voice when I say “there’s something about you”. The way the light hits your face when the passion peaks. It’s like the rarity of your look taught the Sun how to speak.

To me you always look like you’re in a vanity mirror.

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