The Recipe

I want a home for my future family. A place where my children will grow and their memories will spread. I want to wake up next to a woman I love and constantly want to be better for. She’ll feel that energy of me always working to deserve her in every room she walks in. The most important room in this home will be the kitchen. I also want a big extravagant shower too. But my kitchen will be my center piece. Meals will be shared there. Kids will sneak juice when they were told to get a glass of water. My wife will walk in singing as I make French toast. The scripture of our history will be scribed in the countertops and our love will brew on the stove and make an aroma that soaks into the walls of the hallways.

I never had one singular place to call home growing up. Never had a definite point that I knew my entire childhood this is where I would rest my head and be safe. I always was around those who loved me and cared for me. Doesn’t matter where I slept; apartment, house, house we broke into, motel, car etc. I always was surrounded by those who cared about my well being. I am not perfect. Still I know who I love in this world and I know what my values are. I don’t fear the truth. I apologize when I hurt and I forgive when I’m asked. I often feel my loyalty in this world will never returned in the way I want to give it. No matter how it was said everyone who said they wouldn’t leave me has left. From my father, to my mother for periods of time and numerous other who had a significant impact on my life. So my human condition is the mindset that everyone is going to leave. But that’s not going to happen in this home I’m going to build. No one gets left behind on this life journey I’m creating.

What I learned as I left Ohio and some of the darker moments is a home is important but the kind of life you live is the foundation for all that you do. I will have a recipe so that the ones I love not only will be fed when they have an appetite but I will provide a life that will make sure their souls are never starved.

Like any beautiful food made with love the most important elements are the ingredients.

Drink water; it truly is the balance to make sure you’re never too high or too low.
Surround yourself with good quality individuals. Not people who always think like you or agree with you. But people who genuinely become happy by seeing you happy. People who bring a light to a room without even knowing it. People who you could go months without seeing because life happens, but you never miss a beat when connected again.

Travel; I never got family vacations growing up. I still never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. In my 20’s I have adventured and experienced more than I ever thought I would in this lifetime. Bonding with people on a short weekend trip have given me lifelong friends all over the world.

Eat well this doesn’t only mean what you consume it also means who you consume it with. Always bring something to the table.

Write. Writing has literally saved my life. I have a knack for it, but everyone should do it. Just get your thoughts down and materialized even if no one else ever sees it.

Music I’ve been in a crowd of 50,000 people all knowing the words to song. I’ve been in my room late at night alone thinking no one else can understand these lyrics like I do, not even the person who wrote them. Music is the only thing that can make you numb to it all and feel everything all at once.

And find someone you love above all else. This is most important to me because it is the energy that flows into everything I want to accomplish. Someone that knows if the world is against you it’s okay, because together you have an entire universe to explore. Someone that never hesitates when you ask “Are you with me?”.

I thought of this while on the beach beautiful woman by my side, hat on my face, half asleep. I thought moments like this is not something everyone gets, but moments like this is something everyone deserves. I was surrounded by friends and everything was moving so rapidly but we just laid there and forgot about the world for a brief period. I genuinely felt like you wouldn’t leave. I hope you all can feel how rare that is.

My recipe is simple.
This home will be beautiful. This life will be extraordinary.

I’m not saying there won’t be bad days because I feel with everyone else always only showing how “great” life is on social media platforms. We became a generation that forgot you fight for what you want and magic isn’t always instant. There is beauty in the struggle. Don’t be afraid to take risk. And never regret saying how you feel. The right ones tend to stick around or always come back.  I looked how I changed not for people but because of people. And I love it. Never change for someone but change because of someone. So many friends and loved ones have showed me things inside myself that helped me grow. Shared experience that made me realize different aspects of who I was as a person.

Just know if I ever said I love you that will never change. If I ever said I need you that will always remain. Distance won’t undo that. Time won’t suspend it. Some energy is meant to go on for infinity.

The recipe is simple.
Don’t let too many chefs in your kitchen.
And the key to a beautiful meal is never put the main course on the back burner.

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