I dare you to ask me what I see when I look at you? You got the courage to ask what do you mean to me? Let go of your fear and ask what’s my vision of it all?

Everything on the road behind me comes in 20/20. The past is in the rear and all that is crystal clear. Yes I believe in love at first sight. When I first laid eyes on you I knew you deserved a shrine.

Let me build things.

The problem is most of us don’t know that we are blind. We get hurt once then when comes to our heart we say out of sight out of of mind. Dyslexic with the emotions we can’t read between the lines. The road was tough but it wasn’t quicksand. So why are you in such a rush to leave me behind?



Next time just grab my hand. It’s a cancer to go to Heavens gate and repent for your sins without a plan. I feel the same way when I give you scripture of why I should be your man.

      .I hope you understand.

I want to fix it all even if it’s broken by design. This is food for thought. I hope you came to wine and dine.

II This is food for thought. II

II I hope you came to wine and dine. II

No Alzheimer’s on this side. I still remember when you were mine. All these people are like me, just lions looking to the sky. We don’t know what to believe, but still gaze at stars looking for the signs. Go to the North that’s where freedom flys. The devil and vultures have wings, so I fall for no disguise. Angels on high sing but it’s always about my demise. I feel the most healthy when I have you by my side. Don’t let this die.

This is the sickest.

No this is just sickness.

Come adventure in my mental. Can you deal with my realness? Put your head on my chest. Can you deal with this illness?

Coughing up castles that crumble into sand. But if you let the world see my mind then pyramids will rise and Pharos will arrive.

You said your soul was black I replied “Oh what a night”

You said “Don’t hold back”

So your waist I gripped tight.

This the conversation I needed in my life.

We all have light, this is just a different kind of shine. Most honest thing I can say is ” When I see you its al…”

Everything about my existence lately is To Be Continued. So I humbly thank you until next time…

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