You don’t know when the change happened

But it happened

You couldn’t change it back

No role reversal

You couldn’t rearrange his fist of anger into words of compassion

Hugs and kisses, all those X’s and O’s became something else

Something vicious

The intent became malicious

Women adapt to so many harsh environments

Living shouldn’t become survival

There was even times when you tried to take the blame

Such An Ugly Picture

You tried to change the way your mind framed things

Affection did hang from the walls

You didn’t deserve the love that happened on movie screens

You deserved the pain

Joke about the fear as if it’s reassuring

No matter the repeat offenses, your defense is listening when he says “It’ll never happen again.”

And all these other things that made him right and validated all the bad memories going on in your brain

None of that is true

His love is not real

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