Angel Wearing A New Prada Dress

Angel Wearing a New Prada Dress 8.17.15

So there’s this angel, this beautiful angel.

That knows how far heaven is but she won’t walk thru the doors. She won’t take that first step. She wont soar.

This angel, this beautiful angel.

With no ill intent her God left her early on. Her faith is all but gone. She may float on hope, but nothing more.

So now this angel,this beautiful angel.

Just sits outside of heavens gate because she scared to walk in. There is no devil in her at all but she only knows how to see dark in every situation not realizing everything about her is pure light. Worried about getting burned by the flames of temptation not realizing she is the sun. In a world full of duplicates and two’s she is the only one.

This angel, this beautiful angel. I want to see her fly.

I want her forever above me on the pedestal that is stars I wish upon in the night sky. But this angel, this beautiful angel is scared of eternity because every time she believes in this world it gets destroyed before her very eyes. Tears of joy is just an urban myth told by those who want to control all those beautiful things with wings in the sky.

So this angel, this beautiful fucking angel.

Views it all in a negative light but the picture is not what it seems and she only covers her eyes if the situation feels too bright. She doesn’t understand she can paint a masterpiece just with her Amazing Grace. I can scream it as a mortal man but she wont hear me until she falls. I follow her like a bad religion and I feel like I writing scripture on  padded walls. It is crazy to me you don’t see you like I see you. Insane to think if my faith was ever to diminish you’d be gone in a blink like old traditions. So eyes wide shut, my vision of us is on the brink

Still this angel, this beautiful angel.

I love her deep like the lost addict loves finding sins. Knowing everything you could be is my most important confession I get this feeling deep within from a place where the soul might be. The soil of my life is planting seeds where you may grow likely. Even if her gaining wing means losing her, I always want her to win. She has the power to build, an architect of all things that could be a holy trinity. Yet her energy is consumed by demolition, and her mind has a blueprint to destroy. There’s no malice behind this destruction. Her heart is pure. The intent is like a storm. It’s just apart of the nature of her elements she never means to harm.

Angel, you beautiful angel.

I hope you realize you can fly, you’re a blessing, you’re the sun. You are eternity in my humble eyes.

You are an angel. A beautiful angel.

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