Kansas The Gladiator: Part 3

Kansas The Gladiator: Part 3.     7.16.17

I don’t know the outcome. I’m am just a man with vision and vocabulary. Not the writer of prophecies by any means. Controlling how and when is in the hands of whatever scripture or science you believe in. What I am sure of with no doubt at all is there is so much potential that is left in the heart of a man whose spirit won’t allow him to quit. A gladiator who could be as broken as ancient cities we have now forgot, but instead holds hope sacred and his mind is as strong as the arsenal of every army to ever wage war. Being what he once was is distant in either direction that compasses coordinate, but in the present he’s a warrior. In the future he will be better. He will be a king. He is pure energy and energy never dies. All I can really tell you is: James “Kansas” Chapman will be alright.

And that sentence may be the most beautiful thing I will ever write.


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