Holy Grail.

Holy Grail.

Fine wine and Amazing women you have to give them room to breathe.

You want to drink from the bottle.

You want to devour her rapidly because her essence is divine.

But you must taste from the glass.

You must sip from her soul as if she is nectar from above never meant to touch the lips of mortals.

Sophistication from the grapevine dwells from the top of the cork to the last drip of the bottle.

The fountain of youth flows from the beginning of her mind to the end that is the soles of her feet.

Swallow them graciously

Breath them in deeply

You have to be patient with the grapes

You have to stay thirsty for all that she is

Appreciate whole heartedly

Fine wine and Amazing women were meant to quench the thirst of gods

You’re just a mortal connoisseur.

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