Strange Lights.

💡Strange Lights💡7.10.15

Lights Please.

Tell me what you are, then tell me who you want to be.

Because when the night comes and things get dark I don’t want to lay with strangers

When we were at our best it was electric When we were at our worst it was blackout.

Now that’s reference only few would understand. We were royalty not native to this land. When it was our world, our happiness was as foreign to them as inspiration to the person that’s seen everything

Grounded as ever but I swear you were my wings.

Your smile is the reason I paid attention the little things.

Before I didn’t get the dynamic of we.

Now I understand like arithmetic that couldn’t be thought of by beings of this planet.

Equations that couldn’t be comprehended by the imagination of any man.

Everytime I say I love you we turn to aliens.

Yet we have a dilemma that brings us down like gravity.

It could all be a once upon time but we get caught up in all these human things.

It could all be a dream, but how often do you stay up thinking of me.

When I see you its not just beauty, its art.

When you look at me do you see a canvas?

There was times I saw fire in your eyes that crept from your soul and I’m trying to provide spark. But you never needed me to keep that beauty alive. That’s why I think you’re special. If you can’t tell from my eyes, I’ll just say it everyday.

I want to tell the universe that your mine, so the stars never question my heart

Cause I’ll give answers that would be so honest and transparent black holes would reject them

But first lights please.

I want to know more about you.

Because when the night comes and things get dark.

I don’t want to lay with strangers.

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