I want to swim in you.

I want to drown in all your hopes and dreams your fears and goals
I want to float in your essence.

I want dive into the beat of your heart like waves and I want your tears to hit me like a tsunami.

Tell me everything I would ever need to know to make you happy. Tell me twice. So I know what to do when I make you sad.
I want to know your everything and I know you usually don’t tell anyone anything.
Your secrets always tend to get used against you like you are your own worst enemy. But I promise not to break anything down but the walls that you built.
I vow to always swim in the depth of your seas like your love is the most vital substance of life. Pure as water.
You’re a flower I promise to never let you wilt.
Tell me what’s in your soul. What do you store on your minds shelf? And I’ll tell you all the things I usually keep to myself.
I want to explore.
I want to explore you.
To me you are every ocean.
You are every sea.
I want to swim in you.

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