Definition Of Us

I think everyone should write love poems.

Or at least try their best to be one.

Im being humble when I say you’re beautiful because your are truly so much more

I don’t want to say goodbye but that’s not up to me.

I could go without the hellos too.

The how are you doings.

The what have you been up to.

I don’t want to be simply cordial when it comes to you.

I have a different energy when it comes to you.

I want to be intimate in ways that would make the word intimate jealous.

For awhile between me and you it felt like all business but the truth of the matter I miss your company.

I want to say good morning while I’m looking in your eyes.

I want to take you on dates and do big romantic gestures even though I know you hate to be surprised.

I want you to randomly look up and realize you haven’t had to open a car door in months.

I want the world to know you’re my dessert after I post a picture of us out for lunch.

But I guess that’s how we got here.

Cause you may not want none of these things. I promised you as friends or something more I’d listen better.

I’ve become the communicator I thought I was. I’m becoming everything I previously pretended to be.

So when it comes to you tell me what you want.

Tell me what you need.

When they say get you a man that can do both that’s what they really mean.

The one who I think I could be with the rest of my life probably doesn’t think of me as much as I like.

I dream big…

My ambition can’t be dormant.

I’d try to circle the world with just the thought of wind and a homemade kite.

A generation that just loves for likes.

This is the lust of the night

A generation of lovers that can’t seem to get it right.

I want to show you my shit to read before anyone else does. Instead I just release it and hope you read like everyone else does.

I’m saying “when” to everything that was meant for me.

I’m thinking “work harder” every time Im met with defeat.

I can’t live in the past of what we were but that doesn’t change everything you meant to me.

I talk about us in the future tense.

Still sometimes I can’t help but think by this time where we could’ve been.

I want to find out more about each other like I could touch my destiny. I want to get lost with you in well known cities.

I always fall for your type but I don’t think anyone else is like you. So I just keep falling for you over and over again.

I hate repeating myself so I’m going to spend a lifetime thinking of new ways to compliment you everyday.

Build you up in every possible way.

Your beauty is breathtaking transforms into your essence is suffocating.

I hate repeating myself.

I think everyone should write love poems.

Or at least try their best to be one.

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