I was never the rose that grew in the concrete. Where I’m from being that fragile will get you killed.

Whatever I am, I still have my thorns.

Learning to let go of pain I gained from circumstances that wasn’t my fault.

Learn to deal with regrets I keep trapped in my elemental vault.

You want the code to my secrets?

The streets was the pen to my diary.

I’m traveling towards the view but the journey has been met with roadblocks and death

Boy from the East avoiding Wicked witches of West.

In all the moments that we now treasure during that time we are usually thinking about what’s next.

So be my side in this majestic moment of ours.

Pull me in closer like I am your solution.

Life’s problems come in a whirlwind and there’s no place that feels like home.

All the people in crowded rooms seem happy but you rather be alone.

Don’t use smoke and mirrors to have your problems solved cause in the end it’s fake.

The Wizard of Oz.

What if we sat on park benches and I told you my flaws?

What if it all could be so different and I give you my all?

Cause all and all my balance is beautiful but I’m ready to fall.

These are just some questions I can’t ask on the first night.

Because I want the answers to be from the love of my life.

I know with me sometimes the water looks deep but on the other side is paradise.

Sink or swim

Plot twist: slave ships.

Chains was like anchors for the community that I am in.

I still want the riches that would’ve belonged to my stolen ancestors

But mental health should be a young inner city youths version of wealth.

I don’t brag enough about my accomplishments.

Don’t boast enough about things that deserve a toast.

Conscious to make sure I move in stealth.

Vary rarely do I let anyone close enough to feel me but I want you here

Tonight my thoughts are everywhere.

But….I want you here.

Been from the wrong side of both sides of the train tracks.

Tell the conductor I have no fear.

I said be careful what you read cause I don’t care what you think of me so I come with the honesty.

I said you don’t want to know all the secrets I learned to keep.

I said you don’t want to know what I’ll do if my family needs to eat.

I said you don’t want to know what happens if you a man being disrespectful to a woman I was ever associated with and that info get back to me.

I haven’t had an act of violence in a long time.

I’m not a tough guy, I just been through tough times.

I just been outnumbered before on the wrong block. I remember the feeling in my stomach when we got raided for the…

Stories for another time when I have some other thoughts.

It’s crazy how this world can change you.

You view things different when you really see life leave a mans eye.

I wake up everyday confident the universe got a plan.

I was getting money a different way when Obama first started saying yes we can

I don’t want anyone to strictly fall in love with the idea of me so I tell you the truth.

This is how you make the price go up.

If I die young reckless or live to be old and grateful all that I ask is please don’t ever try to stop me.

This is a journal entry from an unsure man…

Not entirely certain about anything human.

It’s okay if you’re unsure like me…

I can understand how it can be kinda hard to love a creative like me…

I hope I see you next Sunday….

But I don’t blame you if you want to be free

Younglionblog.com no matter what to me this place feels like home.

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  1. some of the best yet!

    1. Young Lion says:

      Thanks my guy appreciate you reading!

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