Coachella Poem 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve said I had the universe in my system.

Welcome to my semi conscious thoughts.

I find it beautiful the new ways you learn to reject me but I’m sicko with it. I think it built character how my father neglected me. The heart I have left came from my mothers love.

Tell me you want to build a foundation like legos with the complicated pieces of my soul.

Please don’t tell me that you’re not even into architecture like that.

I lost my voice and I lost my mind.

Being this close and not seeing you it would hurt my soul.

I feel disrespected if you spend a weekend with me and don’t think I’m insane at the end of it.

I can be honest with myself and say I want you here. I can be honest with myself and I say I understand the reasons why you not.

I lost one of my uncles this weekend it makes me wonder how the world gone end and if I die old will I be fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends?

I guess I should focus on now. Cause I’m surrounded by a bunch of shit that would make a normal man drown.

But I feel like I’m staying afloat and swimming even better than before .

I slept under stars and they spoke to me. I replied I hope I make it through the weekend and see you outside these gates. I learned to not try and design gods plan or try to change the course of fate.

So I guess with the glimpse that we shared you’ll put your faith in me. Cause every crowd I’ll be looking for you. But I gotta be fair.

I can’t force it.

I can’t navigate my ship if you’re a storm of emotions.

Today is Earth day and to my future seeds I want to be Mother Nature but first thing is to figure out you and me. So that one day we can evolve to WE.

I don’t want to move too fast

My body got me thinking real slow.

I want to be in your direction just tell me which way to go.

Every time I touch you I call you beautiful because I hope the feeling last a little longer when I let you go.

You supposed to be on my shoulders listening to your favorite song. You drunker then me and apologize in the morning. You using my height as shade but you don’t really care about the heat when you next to me.

You the first thing in a long time that I wanted to stay for good. Taking shots with the people around me put my phone in airplane mode so my ambition don’t take flight and I want to text you

It’s crazy who the music makes you want to be next to.

Sometimes I feel like nothing on these fields are real

I want you to be more than just a figment of my imagination

The night time here is beautiful.

Maybe I’ll see you when the sun goes down.

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