The Theory of Eventuality

Everything that is meant to be will come to be, but that doesn’t mean you sit around and wait on it.

We fight like our souls are at war and I want peace of mind.

Peace treaties are signed in tongue with our bodies intertwined.

I guess sometimes life just goes like this….

I say I’m missing you but you only missing my point.

Solutions fall on deaf ears when we only listen to what we want to hear.

I was driving slow when a song came on that reminded me of you.

I turned the volume up; I needed to feel closer to you that day.

Tonight is not the night I forget about you.

I treat my dreams like objects in the mirror.

They all closer than they may appear.

It all could’ve been different but it’s not. So we deal with the ricochet of our consequences. Just add me to the list of names your stubborn ass refuse to mention.

I don’t agree with everything about you, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.

Butterfly Effect I want to meet you again.

Cause if it was ever real when it ends the worse part is losing your best friend.

Butterfly Effect I want to meet you again.

Would that change everything?

I got theories about you and me.




I like what the pain has done to your eyes.

I like how those memories enhance your smile.

You protect your heart in a way to keep people like me far and away. People you could see yourself caring for.

Let downs are the only thing in life thus far that have been a guarantee.

So think of the audacity to ask you to believe in me.


I’m here and baby I ain’t going nowhere.

You can stay that I’m back. Even if the truth is I never left.

I’m well aware how eventually works.

I know eventually you will think less about me.

I know eventually I will hear songs by your favorite artist and not think about you. I know eventually I will write poems and you won’t be the muse.

I know eventually people will stop asking you about me and you will no longer think about what we could’ve possibly been.

I know eventually your body won’t be my favorite. I know eventually the thought of you won’t make me weak and the support from you won’t bring me strength.

I know eventually my touch will seem foreign. I know eventually someone else will explore your wonderland. I know eventually adventures of wanderlust you won’t be holding my hand.

I know eventually I’ll be a stranger again.

I know how eventually works

Objects in motion must eventually move on.

I could let you go more easily, but sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves we can feel things.

Dwelling in the infatuations of the idea of us because eventually it’ll will just be you and me.




That’s not what I want. I want to see the way healing changes the view of your eyes. I want to be apart of the memories that enhance your smile.

Emotions don’t time travel at the same speed.

Eventually might already be here for you.

I know it’s coming for me.

Eventually is coming for all of us.

Honestly that’s really kind of heartbreaking in a way.

Eventually I want to see what happiness looks like in your face and know part of it was caused by me

Eventually I want to be the person that made you realize why it didn’t work with anyone else

Eventually I want to know what your idea of love is and tell you my idea of love. So eventually we can create a world for just us two.

But I know how eventually works.

Good or bad. Eventually takes time.

Eventually we’ll see

Butterfly Effect.

I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

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