Complicated Greetings

All I really wanted was you and the drugs.

Cause the intimacy of your inner thighs felt like the best high

I’m addicted to the way you said it was mine.

Wise words I once heard was “Everything in moderation”

So please only love me when I need it.

I beg of you only ask “How are you doing?” when you mean it.

My number still the same. Put the emotion in my veins.

Aloha is vocabulary that’s on my mind.

Not Hawaii vacations and you with a tan on sandy beaches.

More so the language.


Every time I say hello you give a goodbye.

Our history is a mystery.


Every time I say hello you give a goodbye.

You double down on ignoring me every time you want to send a text saying you missing me.

I don’t care if you’re drunk; I still want to hear it.

When you’re sober I want you to believe it.

Travel with me to this world of make believe.

They say misery loves company I want you by my side as I find inner peace.

Meditate on my face. Yoga positions that feel like I’m one with eternity.

Traveling without you I see the irony.

We going to the same place, just different paths.

Destinations is what should last.

All of this is a land of make believe.

Destinations is what should last

I’ve only got this far due to survival instincts. My reflexes from reflections of my exes are just a summary of the things this world wants me to be. But I got novels on the aspirations you evoke in me.

I guess I’m just hoping that you like to read.

When the vision is right on The Starry Nights you miss me most play your favorite slow songs and let the lyrics paint pictures like Van Gough.

Evenings spent reminiscing about how I could fix my wrongs.

I went under construction for the repair.

Move slow anytime I’m dealing with despair

Body language cold like you left the house in the middle of December without your Winter coat on.

You are now art in my memories don’t ask me to display these feelings I write late at night and randomly give to the world like a Bansky exhibit.

Read that line again. Tell me I’m your favorite.

Day light saving I lost the hour I spent thinking about you.

And do I hope you read yes of course but let me tell you what I pray for even more.

You down to listen?

You a atheist when it comes to me.

That’s enough about my fantasies.

All of this is a land of make believe.

Even when you become a complete stranger to me, I’ll tell all my friends to treat you like you family. You make your own choices but I hope who ever come next is better than me. But that theories Fucked up cause right now in any competition I think I take the lead.

What’s your status in this world? Tell me how you feeling…

I’m reaching for the skies and your Love is the ceiling.

While you’re still around please allow me to break it down.

This is…

Girls cutting their hair short then missing it long cause they don’t know who they want to be

This is…

just part of what your 20’s are every person who went through a quarter life crises can tell you about this pain.

This is…

Lion on my fourth life living like it’s the first take.

I survived worst than heartache

I remember shoot outs in the park around the time Kanye was saying welcome to heartbreak.

I ducked quick the scary shit is I was more worried about what my mom would say because I came home to dinner late. One course meal on a low income budget. So guess when it comes to my ambition there’s more at steak.

Even when we was hungry I had a lot on my plate.

The stakes is high as these black kids with a past they trying to escape.

Or as high as these white kids listening music because they don’t know what they want to be.

I know a lot of you want to lose touch with reality.

Fake friends with smiling faces that never remember the little things.

It all adds up.

We self medicate in this world of make believe.

I want to believe in love.

I want to believe one day I can be really be free.

I want to believe in all the good and bad that comes between you and me.

Tall man flaunting this black skin but I want to be surround by things that spiritually are bigger than me.

Because if I leave this world with less faith and not believing in anything. That means I’ll die empty.

Put 10 on pump 666 can’t be on E when I meet the angel of death and tell him please forgive my sins.

This is a real Sicko hour.

Shots with Renosbasedgod we rolling Adele deep. He checking on my mental health. The way we moving now I forgot how to sleep.

Right now I want to be alive.

I want to hear about your anxiety like it’s a bedtime story.

I’m quick to switch lanes if an obstacle is like traffic in my way. I’ll change my ways if you’re hurt cause I listen to what you say.

Don’t play no games.

My idea of fame is these strangers love my words but they never know my face. Then the voice I want to hear most can’t wait to get home and tell me about her day.

I can get all that in my land of make believe.

But with you I think I can make it feel like the real thing.

Making this reality

Utopia is nothing but compromise.

Paradise is promises we know we never have to break.

Where does your mind go when you think of me?

Do you find your self wandering on lost thoughts of what could be?

Infatuation will have me acting different.

Getting lost in the maze of possibilities. All these beautiful things in life are better when you’re next to me.

Because if there’s a chance at crazy love why would I want to be the sane?

If there’s a chance at crazy love and others un prescribed drugs.

Why would I want to be sane?

Welcome to insanity. I would like you to stay.

Society is nothing but a room with padded walls this is all just a land of make believe.

3am and I’m making decisions under the moonlight. You’ll be on my mind for the rest of the night, because you’re what dreams are made of.

You’ll be on my mind for the rest of the night, because you’re what dreams are made of.

When the Sun comes. I’ll realize the reality of it all.

I’m alone in this land of make believe.

We use to say we want each other now we only think that shit. I’m trying to build with the people around me but this time without the bricks.

Let’s discuss the foundation.

This home could be a place of make believe.

Someone the other day asked me why does it feel like there’s a beat when I read your words and I said it’s because you can feel my heart in it.

Don’t figure it out too young. Don’t stop believing when you age. Your reality could be a land of make believe.

I got a complex for things that are complex.

All of this is complicated.

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