You only want me when you peaking

I’m thinking I should plan an intervention because lately you’re wanting me every weekend.

Text messages I should’ve sent to girls I’ll never walk down the aisle with.

Late night or early morning I can’t figure out which one it is. We said we would spend all of Sunday together. That’s been our plan for the last month worth of weekends.

But mentally you don’t remember shit about me unless physically I’m providing what you need.

A buffet of vices and wash it down with sins to drink.

This generation has an appetite for destruction and everyone pulls a chair up to the feast.

Every meal we sit like the last supper.

No one does the dirty dishes.

They just sit there like our childhood trauma because we don’t want to deal with it.

Accountability is just a list of chores that we never complete.

You runaway from all your problems, but I don’t blame you for wanting to be free.

I’ve learned to give my apologies in advance because I ruin good things.

Let me say sorry as I set the scene.

Smoke is thinly in the air.

Everyone is on their phone but everyone is just us.

The music in the background is the soundtrack to everything that we thought this life could be.

Alcohol is the atmosphere.

All the lines is long as if we have somewhere to be.

How we both trying to fall in love with a pair of broken hearts? Trying to trust deep but we know it’s going to fall apart.

Parking lot full of empty cars.

She’s in the mood to get barred.

All of this and we never left the place where rent is paid. She’s in love with the thrill. Roll your eyes in the back of your head and the lighting is perfect here. She’s never known peace but all of this is a tease and she’s infatuated with how it feels.

When your heartbeat slows, that’s last call…

Closing time. Am I the one you call?

We rolling like we ain’t slept in weeks. City lights for her are a form of optimism.

She pulls me close to whisper quotes that give her inner peace.

I like art. So paint me with the chaos of everything.

Drive me crazy. Keep me sane.

She says it all with such simplicity.

I know your thoughts is complex. I know the lick of the Devils tongue, even if the kisses are Heaven sent.

Write me a love letter if you ever have to leave. Tell me to let you go even if it kills you inside.

I told her if you can’t control yourself. How can you expect to control the things around you? I think that hit her deeper than she wanted it to. I been so low that my best high have been goodbyes. The after party is just another lonely night. Apologies that I’ll never get, so I left the pain in my past life.

I been so low that the best high have been goodbyes

The bridges didn’t burn we just walked the long way home instead.

Sleep paralysis I’m just looking for something to move me.

The life I’m trying to live now for my soul is a peace offering for the streets I was lost in. We don’t sign treaties because the battle starts early and the war comes often. My mind is just something else you want to invade. A good love make you numb to the pain that’s why when I make you my girl I save you in my phone as novacane.

She told me don’t let it all go to waste.

I hope she was talking about opportunity.

I like your passion baby. Tell me try harder. I know you think it but I need to hear it. Weed is legal. So if you need to send smoke signals in the air. Tell me I fucked up and it’s on me to make it right. Tell me you miss me but tonight you can’t stay the night.

I no longer worry about this world baby we in the sky.

One of these days I’ll probably have to let you go but I needed you to know that I want you here.

On those anxiety filled nights you can’t sleep. Just know I want you near.

The best way I can describe my life so far is I’ve been to more funerals than weddings.

Looking forward to all my future anniversaries. So that means I need my wedding before my funeral.

But who really knows where I’ll end up….

I want to talk to you everyday was the text that I sent and I haven’t heard from you since.

The “Leave me alone” is always more powerful than the “I miss you” I understand everything that you heard from the voices in your head and I’ll admit being with me takes work. I just need to make sure I clock in before you get to overtime.

She lining up white Ferrari’s and she don’t even plan to drive.

The moments I want forever are always the ones that die.

She lining up white Ferrari’s and she don’t even plan to drive.

But there’s no one else to blame but myself.

Reflection from the mirror on the table. The residue is hieroglyphics from Love notes I wrote in 7th grade. So much is lost in translation.

My tastebuds miss your flavor, I don’t ask you for much but tonight I need a favor.

Don’t let me fall apart…

Saying I’m the best you ever had is a compliment. Saying you don’t want anyone else is a promise.

Gospel song; You got the whole world in your hands

Our communication is based off human connection. I’m just looking for substance while you drown in a substance.

I know you deserve the perfect man, but I can’t be that. So I’m hoping you can compromise for what I am. And if you can’t do that I fully understand. I was trying to get things in the air but you came with a parachute. Silly me, I thought working things out and loyalty was cute.

I know you are afraid of heights.

So I don’t know if your walls are a challenge for me or facing your fears for you.

I’m ready to climb, if you ready to jump. Meet me halfway. Running after you for days. Cause your mystery is like a box of chocolates and I’m Forrest Gump.

I told you why I’m still alive can you meet me by the lake. Seems like I missed you all Summer. The distance only grew in the Fall and at this rate by the time Winter comes we will be nothing at all.

When the snow falls are you gone?

Winter is here, but I don’t know if global warming bought me more time.

Put all my faith in the elements.

I can’t even front.

Losing you is not what I want.

I can’t even lie.

I miss you by side.

Homicide the death of the prince will be ego and pride. A king sitting on a throne made out of goodbyes and crown forged from the tears of all my former lovers eyes.

I don’t even want to reign Supreme.

Forever seems like a trend. And commitment is for the the hypebeast.

This kingdom is nothing but me thinking about the memories of everything we were going to be. Hopeless romantic trying not to become hopeless in the romance.

Loyal to hypothetical situations. Cause I don’t want my downfall to be rumors you hear

Numb to it all. I can’t even feel the vibration when my cellphone rings all those notifications about the things that didn’t last. Falling for atheist who do anything not to believe. Chasing dreams with a girl who does whatever it takes not to sleep.

I wander because I’m lost.

I travel because no where is home. Constantly avoiding questions because I’m sick of saying “I don’t know.”

Boulevard of broken dreams and dark alleys of reality. We do everything backwards but direction doesn’t matter when we swear we can have it all

We made a museum in the clouds. It’s a private event

We made it rain swimming in local thoughts , That flowed in ocean schemes.

I was going to fast and I needed to crash. You was chasing the high because you said the sky was all we had.

This world is falling apart. The sky is all we have.

The sky is all we have.

I won’t tell you how to live if you don’t tell me how to die.

I’ll give you the pain of my truths if you reveal all the reasons that you cry.

When you’re sober do you still believe in love?


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