I use to write about you…

Fantasies would swirl my day dreams with hopes I was right about you.

That my vision was perfect when it came to the sight of you.

Words would consume my mind in the purest way.

I use to think about you….

Never needed a watch because you would be on my mind no matter the time of day.

Paper and pen was like my hand on your skin. Let that ink sink in now everything about you is as permanent as a tattoo. Think about when I had you like it was last night. Read my body language like I’m covered in the words I write. You say my intimate love poems back to me as if your tongue is a lantern on my darkest night. Your body soaks up the sun and all I want is for you to let me touch your light.

These the type of conversations that can change your life.

Tell me where you’re from.

Then tell me who are.

Those things are not the same.

Even if where you’re from is why you became who you are.

What are the thoughts that go on in your mind when you think you are in the world all alone.

Tonight I might change my life which means tomorrow I’ll be alright. Just all depends on how the sun sets. I guess we won’t know until the sunrise.

Because then I get in this weird spot with my thoughts. I won’t be disappointed if I just expect nothing from anybody. And when I looked her in the eyes I just wanted to ask “How can you hope to fall in love if you don’t trust anybody?” But these is questions I already know the answer to. It’s like when I kiss you on the forehead and grab you by the waist I’m only doing it for the reaction. You supposed to be there when I’m relaxing. Put all my eggs in one basket and all these old arguments we keep rehatching. Guess breakfast is served and we never had to leave the bed.

Seduce me with the words the come from the tip of your sexy tongue.

She kiss me different now that she trust me.

She’ll touch me different when she starts to love me.

I hope we can make it that far on this journey

Travel with me

Explore the black holes of your life and galaxies of your universe. You sitting shotgun on my rocket ship. How one day could forever feel so close and then the next it’s infinity away?

These the type of conversations that may change your life.

Can I tell you my secrets?

Can we rearrange all the skeletons in my closet?

Darkness draped on me like the Devil is my stylist.

Can we decorate the walls of this place with all my pain…Ting(s)?

Can we hang all this emotional baggage on the wall like a masterpiece?

Mona Lisa didn’t smile. So why does the world need that from me?

Art museums were made for people like us. Who know you truly see the beauty when you not in a rush.

I know I’m going to need your help to interior decorate all these hallways from life I’m not ready to throw away.

Recycled all my anger then I put it to the curb like a therapeutic trash day.

Remodel with me.

I like the shape of your spirit, molded and hardened as clay.

The pottery of your soul is substance to me.

These are conversations that might change your life.

Once before Treazys show I got so lost in your eyes I thought space and time was just a figment of my imagination. I needed directions to get back to reality.

It was Interstellar

I wanted that moment forever. I only left the bed because I had to go The Saint I had a prior obligation.

These are just trivial thoughts I have when I’m lost in the Matrix

I’m trying to give you more than the usual , let’s keep it unusual

If it means being normal I don’t want to be relatable.

I got a list of everything I like about you. Don’t spend all your time thinking of all the faults within me. Because i have my faults but I don’t want to be your enemy. But even if you do, I understand. Its still cheers to us. Even if I’m drinking at the table by myself. Eyes low in the middle of the night that’s the symptoms of someone who doesn’t know how to ask for help. I can’t forget your name that easy; it’s still CHEERS to us. That was a sitcom in the 80’s about a bar that everyone knows your name. And that ended too so I guess things ending is just the fear in us.

So now all I got is tequila and you got Hennessy on the rocks. We get it right twice a day like a broken clock. Hours come first but the minute you came second means the timing of all this has to stop.

Hours come first but the minute you came second means the timing of all this has to stop.

I know your spirit is a hurricane and now someone else gets to be the thunder to your storm

Now I’m just dancing in the rain waiting for the sunny days to form.

That’s enough about the forecast.

I thought we was just on vacation and now everything’s a getaway.

The turbulence made the course change. I guess in the end our destination wasn’t the same.

But I still hope you get everywhere you want to go.

It’s not my place in your world to give advice but I can always wish you the best in life.

I don’t how this sitcom ends, but CHEERS to us

For at least a little bit longer I’m going think about you.

Cause what we had was a special moment in a lifetime of moments.

I just thought we was on vacation. I didn’t know we had different destinations.

I started this in the heat of Summer. Tonight I decided to finish it as we now approach the eve of Winter. I guess sometimes I still write about you…

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