She said I’m still her favorite part of Sunday’s.

As if she has fond memories of me like flowers kissed by Summer rain.

Do you miss the way I put words together during my favorite day?

Look how far we’ve come… it be an insult to ask us to be the same.

You’ve always been a great listener. So hear me now. Be here with me now

Move different when the lion speaks

Long May he reign



There’s a lot going on, trust in me when I say I care about all of it.

Despite my best architectural attempts at self destruction it seems as if I was built for all of this.

I don’t know if it’s the construction or the foundation but there’s no demolition.

I’m too tall to fail.

Mind too different to dream of peace.

I’m even thinking of how I rather sit on mountains while they go after thrones in my sleep.

If my language graces your eyes like an orchestrated symphony of words just know I come in piece.

Meaning I’m not well put together.

I come as imperfect as imperfect could be. But if I love you I will give you all of me like scraps that came from the mud with hopes someone sees seeds that can be planted to make trees.

I want to sit on mountaintops.

So just imagine how small a throne feels to me?

Breathe me in and let me go.

Hold me close and let me be.

I think love is freedom. It’s hard explaining that to people.

I tell my partner the world sees you as a beautiful flower but you are a garden to me. Grow with me.

Let’s show them how powerful sunlight and water can be.

I think love is freedom. It’s so hard explaining that people.

Breathe me in and let me go.

Hold me close and let me be.

Caged birds sing not out of jealousy or envy but due to wishful thinking. Remember anything with wings chooses to stay.

I have no desire to fly far away from you.

I don’t know if we’ll ever be this high again.

I don’t know if we’ll ever be this alive again.

I can’t think of the last time I looked at a clock and thought timing was right.

Heaven is just a pure mindset, I got high with my friends and I’ve been a few times.

Pray with your chest.

Pray with your chest.

Listen more and say less

I didn’t come to respond, I came for you to reply.

Pictures sent to my phone that I’ll never show anyone else attached with your superficial lies.

Tell me you believe in me because you have faith in the broken.

I’ve spent a lot of time growing up without you.

I want to love you forever more than anything I really do, but when I’m this high I have no concept of time.

Forever feels like it was yesterday. I guess I’ll just focus on infinity.

I hate worrying about things that are beyond me.

I can’t think of the last time I looked at a clock and thought the timing was right.

I think you are perfect for this moment and I hope that’s enough. Because all we have is these moments however long they last.

You can’t remember the last time you put yourself first. Which means you are often last to see the light.

So often we confuse self medication with attempts of self care we get so lost in the selfishness of it all we make the world believe we don’t wanna be here.

This is no longer the memories of December 31st, everyday we should toast as if it’s a new year.

I always give away more than I do because what’s another letter after F among friends.

What’s another letter after F amonG friends?

I’ll tell you read between the lines at 3am as if you are in the circle of trust.

Always evolve; I rather runaway before I run in circles.

Cut the straw into thirds and use it again. Who taught you how to recycle?

Group text about my demise. I told my family I don’t wanna die just for being me. I told my partner I sincerely don’t know how to be anything else. I told myself I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.

So how does the argument start at what matters? This is why it seems like everywhere I look mirrors are shattered.

I’m building a home for everyone who lied on me. Putting rooms in there for everyone who believed those lies. I won’t throw stones or hold ill will because to me the revealing of truth in the situation just doesn’t matter that much. I don’t win in being right, I just lost you because you never took the time to ask if I was wrong. Just know in my mind you’ll forever live in a glass house.

Your mansion will be a reflection of what we could’ve been.

And a minds a terrible thing to waste. So there you will fade away like history we don’t repeat.

See that’s thing with me; I’m only at war with myself. I rather deal with ghost than enemies.

You can’t haunt me. I have midnight snacks with my demons. Nightmares of my former reality and then they call me Brunch as I dine with the devil.

I pour my sins over ice and sip to all that’s divine.

Still heaven is place I’ve gotten high with my friends and visited a few times.

The only reason I don’t crash every car I’ve ever been in is because I’m constantly thinking of all the things I survived.

Is paradise waiting for me? Finding out now seems like the perfect time.

From the generation that wants to swim in self care but drowns in self medication. We put all these mirrors to use but not to look at our reflections.

I know mirrors can be so dangerous when we really take a hard look into them.
That’s why so often we just glance and go about our day.

That’s why we send pictures to phones that no one else is allowed to see.

Show me who you really are and then let’s have conversations about who you are meant to be.

I rather hard truths that come with reflections over superficial lies.

Everybody always wants to know what everyone else is doing next. Maybe we should all worry about ourSELF for once.

Artwork: CityMusic11

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