Tell me about the memories of us as if i wasn’t there.

I can still see the SPARKS in your eye, it’s kind of crazy you still have the strength to believe in love.

She said insanity is nothing more than being lied to and having your heartbroken but when the next person comes along you still give them trust.

Call me crazy but I want to be in love and I want it to be more than an idea.

She said I want to be informed but all they tell me is the worlds going to end.

She said I want to let it go, but the therapist keeps telling me I have to take the time to heal again.

So in her head she thinks what if the world ends before I heal? I ain’t got time to waste.

That’s when the anxiety of reality sets in
She keeps moving to all these broken places in the name of love. I can tell you still got hope because I can see the SPARKS in your eyes.

Hold me tight and don’t let me go. If you must leave let me know. Kiss her body as if your lips are counting stars and like the Moon at her fullest she’ll give you a beautiful show.

You wanna hear a scary story? You do a lot of good deeds, so you must be into pain.
You keep trying to see the world as art but sometime you just fall out of love with the paint.

I know you hate to hear it but everyone is not there for you to save.

Pictures in the hallways that’s her goal. It’s hard to fall in love because I just rather be alone. Unsaved numbers in her phone. She post pictures of vacations cause nothing feels like home. High heels for when you’re being a low life. High highs and low lows thats how you balance out this fast life.

I would tell you slow it down but that’s the worse thing you can say to somebody that thinks too much. 

When she was young she slept with a night light now the only time she shines is in the night life. 

I wish you would stop saying what you need to the people you don’t need.

I wish you would stop trying to miss feelings you never really had.

Hard body 

Hard body 

I missed you yesterday. The sun set and the Moon was on the the rise. The calendar changed and today I still feel the same. 

Welcome to the Fall.I expect all of us to stumble upon rock bottom by Spring.

It’s going to be a different kind of Memories that this Winter brings.

Sometimes I feel like I have to swim forever just so I won’t drown. 

She said “ Don’t you ever think about the thought of land?”

Every time I take deep breathes it feels like there’s always water around.

Sometimes when your life feels like a sinking ship you can only dream of islands.

And to tell the truth this patio is absolutely too pretty to jump from. So I’ll just enjoy the beautiful view.

We are constantly surrounded by unnatural disasters.

Nothing is as it seems and occasionally it’s not to get lost where you shouldn’t be.

I don’t see how we keep doing this to each other.

I hate it.

I could look in her face the expression lasted like a solstice. She didn’t know if I was talking about us or the entire human race?

She said “ Do you see the SPARKS in my eyes? Everyday they tell me the world is going to end. Still I do my best to look forward to tomorrow. So be with me today.” 

You are a different kind of light. I could write a manifesto about the SPARKS in your eyes.

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