Her Peace

She feels most at home when waves are crashing against her physical body and the Sun is setting over the ocean igniting passion in her spiritual soul.

The moon approaches with a golden tint taking control of the sea. Making the waves stronger than ever.

The water is ambitious…

She doesn’t fear the tide. Her emotions are the only things she tends to drown in.

It’s when she’s at peace with everything around her that she feels most content with who she really is underneath it all. When she’s at war with her surroundings is when she most needs to be alone.

So be her peace because she has known turmoil.

She has known heartbreak.

She has known regret.

She has known abuse.

She has known demons.

She has known self reflection that vanity mirrors can’t give.

She has known the dark and twisty side of her that she feels is too complex for anyone else to navigate.

She has known a world trying to put her in her place.

She has known what it means when she gave second chances that led to miss opportunities.

She has known what it really means to be going through Hell but the outside thinks everything is Heaven.

Give her the pieces of you that you hide from society.

She never wanted your mask.

She never wanted you to hide who you are. Trying to be what you thought she wanted.

So don’t lie to her about the hard times.

If you don’t sleep well she’ll be there on your restless nights.

That’s why she can be the woman of your dreams.

There’s so many ways to conquer destiny.

Your journey doesn’t have to stop at mediocre.

Everyone talks about their love of adventure until it’s time to explore the mind of a woman who could show you the universe.

Love comes with peaks and valleys.

Life is all about the view.

Bring her peace because she has known everything else.

Ease her mind because she has overthought every other possible outcome.

She has survived thus far and now it’s time for her to live.

No matter how much the sun may shine she’ll still remember those nights.

Today she is a brave woman, but you must understand where that came from.

She was once a scared little girl that had to face all her fears.

She was a insecure teenager that had to cope with these lessons coming hard and all the shiny things not being as she imagined.

The world was not always pure for her.

The soil of her environment was not always nurturing.

She had to grow by watering herself.

She had to learn to love the things about her self that strangers don’t compliment. The things past lovers wouldn’t notice or selfishly ask her to change. Those attributes the world never claps for.

So be her standing ovation in every aspect.

Be her peace.

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  1. meenawalia says:

    Awesome post.

    1. Young Lion says:

      Thank you I appreciate this.

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