$uicidal LOVE

How old were you when you realized love is a lot of things but it’s not always enough?

There’s been times when I’ve felt like I had it all, but maybe I can’t have everything.

I know you’ve put faith into things that have killed little pieces of you inside. I know you have anxiety when it comes to heights. So this time I’ll jump first because love shouldn’t feel like suicide.

I want you to fly beautiful child that was born without wings.

The experiences from your youth let you relate to the sounds of Doves Crying and Caged Birds singing.

I want you to remember me like the lyrics to your favorite song.

I want you to know my heart skips a beat every time the signs from the universe show that you moved on.

Not in a bad way.

I feel your tempo…

Sometimes poetic words can feel like a bullet right to the temple.

You got the body of a goddess I pray at your temple.

I hope I leave a legacy behind me and I hope nothing but undisturbed happiness is in front of you.

When you really going through it love poems feel like suicide notes

The things I discovered about myself in my darkest times have become some of my favorite quotes.

My enemies and emotions have given me genuine threats of death. 6 feet deep and one way rides to the other side. But I’m too tall they could never bury me alive.

Once I’m truly gone how long will they say my name? The ghost of my passion screaming like an unrested spirit “Please remember me…”

Why do we waste time being alive trying to impress temporary people with artificial things? All these materials we collect trying to obtain these materialistic goals is getting in the way of what our soul wants to achieve.

Foundation is everything.

How you trying to build bridges with people who would call it entertainment if your world was burning?

There’s heaven and hell in your head. So what are we really afraid of? The angels or the demons.

The voices in your head don’t fear love. They fear what love means. They fear connection, they fear trust. They fear what all the things needed to produce love have resulted in, in the past. When you have been hurt by the things that you put faith in it makes you afraid of all the things that make us uniquely human.

We are not afraid to love again. We are afraid that if we love again and it fails the damage that entails.

When you really going through it reading love poems can feel like suicide notes.

When you really miss the essence of somebody the thoughts of them through your mind reach level of infinity. That’s way beyond 13 Reasons Why.

If you really think about it, it’s crazy lately what keeps you alive

You love the pain of a hand around your throat because gasping for air reminds you to breathe again.

You love all those pictures that you post because the mirror is your therapist.

And I can’t look away.

So I’ll give you my like and take a portion of the blame.

Sometimes we all tend to fall in love with the pain.

All these 20 something year olds traveling the world just trying to find themselves.

Tell me who you are…

All this lack of communication is just cries for help.

Put my emotions on a silver platter and tell you eat your heart out.

If you don’t have an appetite; does that make you heartless?

I don’t say I love you unless I mean it.

I don’t say l love you unless I could see myself never not saying l love you ever again.

I haven’t said I love somebody new in a long while but I want to get there

Help me build the bridge.

I don’t say I miss you unless I am willing to do everything in my power to never not be around you again.

I miss you.

Incase no one asked recently.

Are you doing okay?

This isn’t a love poem cause I want you to live.

When you really going through it reading love poems can feel like suicide notes.

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