Parts Of Infinity

We’ve never been to the city together but every time I’m in the city I want you here.

I guess we’ll cross that golden bridge when we get there.

I think it’s something about the lights and the way you seem to shine at night.

It all feels different at night.

Beautiful thoughts about possibilities when it comes to you.

I no longer think about forever my mantra shifted to infinity.

I see all these all these flaws as pretty things.

All these wrongs as learning opportunities.

Complexities of dates with you that I feel are unfinished.

We are not someone else’s mistakes.

We do not define ourselves by the apologies that we may never receive.

These are the hardships that come with infinity.

The honesty as I trace the outline of your body with my fingertips.

There’s a different kind of truth that comes from your hips.

Tell me the secrets you never thought would leave your lips.

So much substance in the sweet nothings that come from your kiss.

So much left to be desired on the table when we leave quickly without the ones that we miss.

This is the intertwined seduction that comes with infinity.

I want to touch you in intimate ways.

Watch the sky fall in the distance but call it a sunset as I rest between your legs.

You have the potential to be my favorite lyric to every song.

Hooked on what you produce.

At this point I rather be addicted to drugs. Chasing your high but we go cold turkey with the goodbyes.

I want to feel the real thing like the reason Treazy always buys CDs.

Loving you is like music to me.

These are the vibrations of infinity.

I don’t speak to you the way I communicate with anybody else.

Sometimes being alone means having someone else there to be a part of your solitude.

The world is lonely but I never feel alone with you.

Lie awake outside of heaven gates telling the truths about my sins. The angels flew away at halftime and the devils drawing up plays to win.

I’m not afraid human contact.

I’ve been broken so many times before there’s no need to fear it.

I come to you in the pieces of myself that fell through the worlds hands.

Babygirl my soul is still here.

Come touch my spirit.

The purpose in my voice need you to hear it. It’s not enough to say I want you back.

It’s more so say you miss me and I’ll never leave your side again.

Wherever this journey is to I’ll be there.

These are thoughts that live in the concept of infinity.

We won’t be separated by the desert heat or the ocean waves.

Look to the sky what shines bright most about our stars will never fade no matter the moons phase.

I’ll never be pure again.

These is muddy waters. Flint Michigan.

Even when we trying to live right look at the dirt they throw upon us.

You wear metaphorical layers but I still see all that weight you carry on your shoulders.

For your love I will move mountains and lift boulders.

But all you really needed from me was to be there.

Take these moments that become memories and not have you doubting an idea of love that you think is rare.

All you needed was the simplicity of knowing on your good days I could add to what makes you happy and on your bad days I could be what you need.

You just needed me.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Anything wrong in my life is my fault. I’ll be the bad guy for any blame you need to place too. With this semi charmed time I’ve got nothing better to do but be better for you. All I ask is that you don’t make me do it alone.

Be by my side like hearts come in two.

I still believe in love.

Is that asking too much of you?

I still believe in infinity

Is asking for multiple moments too much for you?

Trying to take these conversations between us slow.

Navigate which way you want to go.

When it come to you I’m not afraid to ask for directions.

I won’t lose you because of ego.

I’m on a journey. I want you there for the ride.

Don’t put on the brakes just because of pride.

We need an update. I am down to read all your terms and conditions.

I understand the campaign of a broken heart and tears of a crusade.

Empires come from broken hearts.

Walls get higher

Defenses get stronger

There’s no peace.

The transition from missing you to learning to live without you.

Casualties of war.

Not satisfied with the current situation.

The human condition of always wanting more.

These are the shadows of infinity.

I writing with pens of the future all the while knowing I can’t erase the ink stains of the past. It’s not in my nature to give up on the seeds I thought could last.

Pack all your baggage and pick a destination.

I’ve seen the chaos of being unsure cause good intentions to be pushed away.

Sometimes we dare those to move who we want most to stay.

There’s complexities in infinity.

I’ll tell stories about the one that got away to sidewalks of the city.

Write those questions that never get an answer in the ever changing clouds in the sky

So when the weather change at least it won’t feel like I’m losing my mind.

Tell me you don’t want me closer than I am right now.

I don’t think anything will ever go as planned again.

Crowded rooms or solitude I want to be surrounded with the essence of you.

Many have said nothing last forever but I no longer concern myself with forever.

However you choose to measure the concept of distance and time I want you by my side.

This is the certainty in infinity.

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