Sunday to Sunday


I know you noticed my growth it’s hard not to take note when a person reaching clarity. I got a lot of friends, but now my mission is to make it scary for you if in my view you a enemy. Something new everyday I just couldn’t resist, I gotta use this energy. A lot fucking with me mentally I’m barefoot on the road to inner peace. I hate when they and the rest of y’all try to tell me racism doesn’t exist. This isn’t even me on my young black male in America shit. This is me realizing guards are still alive who served at Auschwitz.

Demons still roam this Earth who served at Auschwitz.

Where I’m from the way to your dream home is that first brick. Working that 9-5 feel like field labor. So everytime you get in that Corolla it’s like a slave ship. Life moving too fast, this a whirlwind, get a grip. It’s the middle of the night so it’s only right I text the ex love of my life I miss both her lips and her hips. Ex love of my life, I guess it’s a short list. To be utterly honest not even the sex most that I miss. 


Fuck I mean don’t get me wrong intercourse made me feel like I’m wizard now, it was magical. The way you moved your body was tactical. Never wore the jeans but you wrapped around my legs was a True Religion. So much chilling we never got around to the Netflixing. I was trying to cook up something but you was scared of the kitchen. We arguing about who loves the other more, like peace isn’t the mission. A whole lotta awkward tension. I got the story line down now they just don’t see the vision. 

Just be the first to say you believe in me. Leap of faith… I’m nothing but a blind man with broken wings.

 Leap of faith….I’m nothing but a blind man with broken wings.

We all our daughters burdens and the sons of some refugees. What will my daughter have to carry? What will my son see? Little girls scream fire because that works better than rescue me. 

Not just lately but always…

Besides these iPhone notes I don’t know who to talk to. I get on this blog and I act like it’s just me and you. In your eyes, I confide

 You and I…tell me it’s just you and I 

Like last month wasn’t close to about 3000 views. I tell my mom it’s alright but she know it’s not the truth. I’m trying to start a winning streak but just like a website first I need a few W’s. My biggest talent is I know who really cares for me. And I see mask as if we all kids on Halloween. But when it’s do or die can you yell “Trick or Treat”? This is how you start when you dropping something everyday for a week. Sunday-Sunday I’m going to write like it just you and me.

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