Coachella Poem

I love the way that Coachella sun kisses your skin… 
You said I “write about everybody”. 

This is true, but not the way I write about you.

Let me give you that balance. Loving me is a challenge. 

Do you want honesty or happiness?

 I can’t lie to you it’s not in me, but sometimes your smile disappears if I give you my truth. I want to hold you close that’s why we two different planets but my gravitational pull always brings you back in. I like you best when you sexy and you free. After the the wind storm and the dust settles I don’t think anyone was surprised to find you next to me. Your biggest question late at night as I sleep and your wide awake looking up at stars is “Where do we go from here?” What I don’t get is how is it you I most want to comprehend but it’s you I most don’t understand. 

 How is it you I most want to comprehend but it’s you I most don’t understand.

Love and other drugs

This is your brain on drugs…

It’s really twisted…

This is your brain on love…

Emotions running at an all time high. Lack of sleep but there’s no quantity this is only quality time. Music in the distance is the perfect lullaby. We look in eachothers eyes, I hold you tight. Do we blame this moment on all the pretty lights? We both wondering who gone be the first to say I wish we never said goodbye. I guess this is just a toast to the endless nights. To all them set times that made us believe we can make things right. I’m on a mixture of things that make me feel alive. Full moon and purple skies they told me Prince died.

They told me Prince died

 And I wonder….

What do all the symbols really mean

And I wonder…

And I wonder will you be able to communicate like this to me when you’re not faded? When that sun sets and the moon rises. That moon set and that sunrise will another year go by. Will another year go by?  Fuck. I need to Run The Jewels. What’s that set time? My phone died. You should meet me over here. Our friends wasted, they over there. They all calling people they shouldn’t be, for about week this is reality. If I told you, you were everything for about a week would believe me?

 I like these moments.

Tell me I’m your best mistake. Tell me when the lights is bright you think about when you met me on them Summer days. 

Deceive. Me

Tell me beautiful lies about what we could be.

Cause once we leave these gates we realize this all is fake.

 Adjust that…..

We realize this is all fate.

 I always want to swim in you but it seems I sink. The river flows but you over think. I drown, you over drink 


Maybe there is faith in us if you put hope in me. She found church and dropped to her knees. Met you around the Ferris wheel in the Coachella fields. You said you were so happy you could die here. Put our love in my will.

I’m so many things to everybody. My habits are reckless but I’m always fixing things. When it comes to ourselves we both got work to do. So we need caution as we move through eachothers construction zones. Despacio and broken homes. My phones dead but I feel so alive now. You made a throne out of my shoulders. We don’t don’t believe in time now. You made a throne out of my shoulders as the sun came down.

 You made a throne out of my shoulders. 

We did things that weren’t allowed in our reality. We moved through all these crowds of people so casually. Walk by my side like I’m the only person you’ll ever know. Whisper in my ear like mine is the only name you need to speak. Is it fire or desire? Is this all the truth or did the moment make our hearts liars. I love these moments. So does that mean that I love you? 

I need lust at the campsite and passion under palm trees.

 Very extreme…

Looking at stages we just become two stars searching for infinity. 

It’s either hold you close or you choose to walk away

It’s either never talk to me again or never leave my side

It’s either you’re my beautiful past or the masterpiece of my future life.

So much in my system I’m alright with letting the Devil in. All the thought in your mind is to get your body to sin. I think it’s because you know I’ll always be there to save you. 

You made a throne out of my shoulders and wore a crown designed out of gold skies

There’s so many places only we know. 

Separate roads but let’s take it back to the start

Are you coming down?

I’m trying to stay up forever.

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