Caption Me: Ashley Moore

In a world full of angles life is all about perspective. We all take these
fantastic voyages that lead us to uncharted lands we never thought our mind could go. These memories of our yesterday’s are simply foundation for what we want our
future to be. A filter is what we want our life to look like. A caption is how we hope to remember this moment.  Our legacy is not simply what we accomplish, it’s
what we love. What we are passionate about. These little glimpses we give the
world of the life we are creating. Mother of two young ones, wife and small
business owner Ashley Moore gave us a peek into her world. I hope you all enjoy, I appreciate her sharing her view with us. Tomorrow is the complexity of a picture we haven’t had the chance to take yet

-Young Lion


We take pictures as a return ticket to a moment that otherwise lost forever.

They say you can tell what matters most to a person by the things they take pictures of and I believe that wholeheartedly. Even all you with the million selfies – self love! Go you!

When we double tap an Instagram photo or like one on Facebook we are doing more than just simply looking at a random picture. We are looking at a little piece of life seen through someone else’s eyes. A piece of their live that they wanted to share with the world.

little piece of life seen through someone else’s eyes.

But we never really get the full story, do we? A picture is worth a thousand words, but we give simple captions like “My day” *insert a bunch of emojis here* “Out with my bae” If people are still saying bae, I don’t know I’m not with the times. I want to know more! Why was this picture important to you? How did this view you captured make you feel? Give me all the details, man!

With that being said, I’m going to give you all a glimpse of my life through my recent Instagram pictures and the stories behind them. You may find me pretty cool and want to be friends, but maybe not. I’m definitely an acquired taste to most people.

a glimpse of my life through my recent Instagram pictures and the stories behind them.



Two things I am super passionate about in one picture – being a mom and writing. Two things I never thought I’d do, but life has a funny way of showing you the difference between what you think you want and what you really need. I loved writing when I was younger, but I gave it up around high school. Once I became a mom I started a blog as a way to vent to no one in particular about motherhood, but I happened to find my passion spark up again. This picture is a reminder that even though I give so much of myself to my children I can still do something for myself and I can do it while multitasking because I’m awesome like that.


You know that weird girl that always has a book in her hand and complains about every single detail the movie adaption missed? Hi, I’m Ashley. I have lived a thousand lives through reading and I plan to live a thousand more. I’ve been on a search for the perfect little hole in the wall book shop in town for awhile and The Writer’s Block is it. Barnes & Noble is a wonderful place, but there is just something magical about little hole in the wall shops filled with books. Yelp said that this was one of the top ten places to buy books so we went on a little adventure to check it out. We were not disappointed. Did I mention this place has a pet rabbit you can just hang out with?


Thinking about having a baby, but want to know what motherhood is like? Let me tell you- this particular morning I woke up to realize I forgot to buy diapers and we were down to one. Both babies woke up on the wrong side of their cribs and were having meltdown after meltdown. And at one point while I was tending to our newborn my daughter became really quiet. You may think silence is a good thing, but that always means they are up to no good. I found her with a pen drawing all over herself. And since we had no more diapers I couldn’t give her a bath until after we went to the store. I felt like I broke some sort of girl code because we went to Target looking like a bunch of hot messes.  A morning all before 8am. That my friends…. is motherhood.


Oh sweet beautiful coffee, I can not start my day without it. If you know a Keurig you indeed know this is not how you make a cup of coffee. I had a moment of bad judgement while trying to make a cup after living off 3 hours or less of sleep a night for a little over a month.  I don’t know what was worse – the fact that I actually did this or my complete confusion as to why it wasn’t working when I came back to grab my coffee.  Maybe I should start drinking more. Coffee, obviously. It’s stupid, but I like to post about my odd behavior in hopes to make someone laugh.

Screenshot_2016-02-13-20-07-15-2 (1)

Picture after picture we tried to get one with all of us looking, babies not crying, or babies sitting still. And then our sweet hellion of a daughter took off (for the millionth time) to torment some geese. When I chased after her and picked her up she started to cry, because what kind of mom doesn’t let her baby play with a mean goose?! Her life is hard. Anyway to avoid a tantrum I did the only logical thing I knew to do – I flipped her upside down. Yes, it’s logical. Our awesome cousin who was taking the pictures decided to take the opportunity to snap this. This is us- silly, wild, weird, and just going with the flow. Because in the parenting world that is the only way you’ll survive.

This is us- silly, wild, weird, and just going with the flow. Because in the parenting world that is the only way you’ll survive.

We may put simple captions under our pictures, but a picture holds a thousand words. It holds a memory, a moment laughter, or a moment of peace. It holds a piece of our life. This is some of my life through pictures, so what’s yours?


This was a collaboration blog with Ashley Moore. Thank you for letting me edit this and put my creative touch on it. Additionally immense thanks for sharing your view with us. Life is all about the view.

If you want see more of her life her Instagram is

If you want to read more of her words her blog is located at


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