Deny It. 

You got problems

I got issues

I’m broken in a million pieces

You can never seem to find the super glue

The beauty is we don’t deny it

We don’t fight it.

The beauty is our honesty.

They would love it if we were liars.

No need to lie, being fucked up is our truth.

There is spirituality in our addictions. 

Saving grace in our affliction.

Cause when you really need each other, substitutes simply won’t due.

There’s no number 2 just you and the voices in my head.

Your love keeping me alive when these voices want me dead.

It’s not imaginary all these monsters under my bed.

I fast forward, rewind, hit play again on all the things that you said.

The beauty is we don’t deny it

We don’t fight it.

How can I fail you today?

How can use your love in the worse way?

How can we fall apart now?

In all of the misuse. I forgot to remember all the times I missed you.

Hearts fragmented and every past love kept a piece like it was shells by the sea

Black sand and castles of regrets line the shores of this beach.

We done fought about everything.

Maybe we should try figuring it out.

Maybe we should add some calmness to the screams.

Plan ahead this misery of we.

The eye of the storm is us at our norm.

You’re the raindrops on my soul.

You take away my warmth like a morning. where the sun wouldn’t rise.

And I can’t decide.

Why we love this darkness so much like shadows who don’t know at night they should hide.

To all these facts we aren’t blind because with us there’s no light. There’s no beams. No glares as we try to repair so the world doesn’t stare.

We don’t care about their eyes.

We know there’s nothing to fix

I’m Hell and you are fire.

But we never had aspirations of Heaven.

We never said we wanted a world with out sin.

We never had dreams of being whole again.

The beauty is we don’t deny it.

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  1. That is me and she to a tee.

    1. Young Lion says:

      Sometimes that is just how things are. I hope you enjoyed this or it helped in someway

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