One That Got Away

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I wrote this. If I can’t sleep again I’ll probably end up reading this. I hope you read this. I hope you see this.

This is is based on true events that either already happened or never will.

This is a love letter to you.

The woman I’ve either already met or haven’t met yet.
I never want to be anybody’s One That Got Away. I think we are giving a definite period of time on this earth and provided with a specific kind of energy. So I hate the feeling of regret. I realize mistakes must be made, but I hate looking back on something and wishing I had done something I hesitated on.

Late night walks alone where now you know all the right things to say. Those thoughts you have in the shower where you wish you would’ve done something differently. When you had the chance to declare everything you wanted but instead you let it be assassinated silently. As if your pride is a sniper and your heart is the victim. We don’t reach for our dreams because we feel all we will grasp is failure. We don’t build empires out of love because we fear so much more armies of rejection.

Not saying you have to dance in the rain. But if you live life like a storm is always coming spiritually your house will always be bordered up. I’m not perfect I have a lot more living to do and I need to learn to love better. You should never stop growing in passion and love.

We’re all made up from the elements of a planet that is dying and stars that are already dead. In that sentence you either find horror or beauty. Even in the dark I see art. When we fight doesn’t change the fact you are my light.

Loving me is taking a chance. Being apart of anyone’s life is a risk. I always understand there are easier routes and more clear paths.

But this is a road less traveled kind of journey.

Don’t leave me if some day you’re going to live an average life and wonder if with me it could’ve been extraordinary. I always tell people they don’t need me in their life and I wholeheartedly believe that until I come across someone who can’t live without me in their life. I never want to be anyone’s One That Got Away because I believe there is someone I’m suppose to share this universe with in a most spectacular way.

Wish on dead stars as if our version of forever will never go away.

Someone I look in her eyes and see things I never knew existed. We walk together with the world at her feet.

I believe if angels exist, you will be mine. I believe if there is a devil he would grant me the pleasure of you being my only sin.

I believe if there is a devil he would grant me the pleasure of you being my only sin.

And I don’t say that to praise the Devil. I say that to say that if the Devil who is an angel that has fallen has any grace left, he realizes I need you. You. This woman I either have or haven’t met yet. This woman who will be my sun in the day and moon at night and guide me cause often I jump blindly when I do take flight. Because I never had wings I just had faith. I won’t ask a lot of you because I would never want to be anybody’s all.

All I ask is you be you, that’s enough for me. You being you is exactly what you were destined to be.

You being you is exactly what you are destined to be…

And if you want to be my partner in it all, I will act accordingly. I want to see your all, that includes anything you would perceive as a flaw. Both mental and physical. I’ll lay real and metaphorical kisses on your imperfections. As if my lips were the seal to heaven and taken my hands off you is the gateway drug to lethal injection. I want to grasp forever, so I will hold on to you like your eternity.

You. This woman I’ve either met or haven’t met yet.

Can I love you for infinity?

If you say yes just know this is souls intertwine like vines are connected to grapes that make wines. Caress your soul and the rest of you as if your pleasure gives me serenity. And I know we come from a world where love doesn’t work like that and no one talks to you like this. But my mind works like that and I can’t help but to talk to you like this.

I’m sorry if I came into your life at the wrong time because your world revolves around clocks created by man, but I’m trying to elevate to a place where minutes and seconds can’t land so why should you and I be confined to the ticks and the tocks that concept demands.

To be as honest as I always promised I’d be. I don’t know if a love like this can even exist. I don’t know if a love like this has ever existed before.

We may be innovators of the heart.

See this is a feeling people get but they don’t know how to explain. Maybe my curse is I have the blue print but not the architect that can help me build the wonders in my brain. I don’t have the woman in my life to take this from an idea to construction. Love can make you crazy but geniuses always go insane. Break that down whichever way you have to to make the math what you need.

This could equal everything.

This love could be nature if we learn how to balance and plant the seeds. I got dreams so big they haunt me even when I’m awake. I got nightmares so scary the only way to escape them is sleep. Then there’s you this constant for which I do seek. You. This woman who I only need to just be you. You. this woman I’ve either met or haven’t met yet. Maybe I had you and I lost you, or you lost me. Maybe you’re meant to change my life but right now you’re too busy making another mans dream come true. Maybe we shared a night together next to the beach as you told me all about your journey. Maybe we had lunch together and life is complicated and you see me as your One That Got Away. Maybe we walked past each other on the streets. Maybe I’ll meet you in the years to come. Maybe I’ll never meet you and I’m meant to go insane. It’s not going to be what it should be but it’s going to be alright. I’m either the man you’ve met or haven’t met yet. I never want to be someones One That Got Away. My life is all about the view, not the regrets.

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