Coachella Adventure

I dreamed about all of this way back in Columbus, Ohio. On those road trips to Philadelphia all I wanted to do was create. It seemed the neighborhoods around me were crumbling and my thoughts were building empires. Imagine that is your reality. Living in the slums of the Midwest. No beach near this cement jungle so I couldn’t even build castles out of sand. I had all these ideas, but no resources. The world saw me a certain way and everything around already predetermined my outcome. As if I only had one story to tell.


Who I was and what I was going to be did not seem up to me. My picture was bigger than their eyes. I envisioned all these fantasies I couldn’t touch. It is hard to practice patience when you are constantly feeling rushed. It seems the world just simply wants you to exist when somedays you just want to live art.

To live, not to exist…

Everything about you is a vessel and this world is an ocean. I’m trying to have conversations about the universe under stars and take journeys chasing the horizon.

Chasing the horizon.

Cover Photo

(Artwork by Bennett Queen)

Chasing the horizon just for the thrill of all these things. Chasing the concept of what it all really means. What’s life without a view? What’s an adventure without friends? What’s a celebration without champagne? What’s music without that indescribable feeling? What’s art without someone to appreciate it? What’s a lion without his pride?

This year we are taking on the Polo Fields together. I am giving away a Coachella ticket.


(Artwork by Jeff Millan)

I appreciate all the new and continued support of my work since I started the website for this blog. Remarkable and beautiful thing. It is really simple if you want a chance to win. I have a certain number of raffle tickets, if you see me ask for one. For a better chance to win you can buy additional raffle tickets for a dollar a piece. All proceeds going to my best friend James “Kansas” Chapman to help his transition into life as a quadriplegic(His Story). Must be 18+ to win. I’m going to try and keep the tickets on me at all times except for work. I’m going to randomly choose a winner the second week of March. The ticket is for Weekend 2(April 22-24). That gives the winner a full month to plan the trip.

 If you do not live in my city, simply contact me via social media (contact page) send me a message and tell me why you want to experience Coachella and I will try to mail you a raffle ticket. Simple as getting at least one of these tickets and you have a chance to win.

 All I ask is for you all to continue to genuinely support me. Share this post, share my other work, follow me on social media, tell a friend.

Don’t let the world tell us what we can create. Where we go to next is up to you. When you don’t know the outcome everything is a leap of faith. You do not know until you left the ground who is jumping with you.  I’m doing all that I can, so I can do everything I want.

This is a chance for an adventure.



Why make excuses when we can make opportunities? There are a few places I want to get lost at. There are a few people I want to get lost with. Let’s chase that horizon together. Welcome to Young Lion Szn. Enjoy the view. Hope to see you soon

Thank you for letting me bounce ideas off you to help complete this vision: Lugo-Cruz, Ooliver, D-Mooney, Shelby Price, Rhi and everyone else

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  1. Michelle Dennis says:

    so Proud of you son “Momma D”

    1. Young Lion says:

      Love you Ma. Thank you for reading

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