Dream of a Reaper

I’m here now but close your eyes and take a journey with me…

You ever timed travel to the dark side?

I got dreams of the grim reaper. Where I’m from..

Where I’m from you don’t make it out dreams get snatched money is the end goal like its food and you trying to get fat. You just tryin to flip it and double your stack. There’s a war going on outside no one is safe from it feels like Iraq. Get a shape up and move weight you don’t need a rack. If you owe that debt you better pay it back because they’ll come to your mama for the things you lack.

That’s where they keep the funds go around the corner for the crack and when you hear bullets or sirens you run quick till your lungs bout to collapse. If you die the news won’t show up that’s just a fact.

Everything’s a feast once you learn how to survive from the scraps. If you live the way you rest will change from grief I’m wide awake as they sleep this is a jungle and the hunters got to eat so I’m not starving I got lion teeth.

I don’t trust your grind you got lying feet. I can’t believe you when you say you run these streets. You stand in place like big girls in heat. She went looking for my heart like hide and seek. They say you reap what you sow so in this dark bed filled with nightmares is where I rest in peace.

So when the reapers come please don’t rescue me.

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