Pickett Fences

Pickett Fences. 7.12.15

I realized something these past few years and I’ve been trying to stay blind to it because I didn’t want it to be this way. I avoided this epiphany, even though the universe put it right in my face. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all done that at some or multiple points in our life. Knew of something or had a realization but knew once we acknowledged it our world would change. So instead we actively choose not to accept the realization. We procrastinate the inevitable. But now this realization is at my front door and I either let this wolf in and acknowledge it or it will blow my home down. The thing I’ve come to realize is people play both sides of the fence, they are fence straddler’s. I’m not saying it’s a horrible thing. Just that I wish the world didn’t operate this way. To be as clear as possible I will give the definition

Fence straddler: Some one who constantly plays both sides of a deal, argument or any situation be it hostile or not. Essentially people who will walk along the fence with no loyalty until they see which side is greener then and only then will they jump off the proverbial fence. Unless they are found out and abruptly called out before a resolution is reached.


So basically I’m saying yea they are lowkey fake individuals.

Hmm– I’m really getting good at this writing thing.

Back to the topic at hand. Straddling the fence is needed at times. You have to maneuver through this world and be ready to benefit. I wish it wasn’t so, but some times things just is, what they be. My peeve comes with those who constantly do it. Those who do it to the ones that are suppose to be in their circle, squad, click, conglomerate. I am a very loyal person. It is probably the most important quality to me personally. And I will let you know where my loyalty lies. And it’s not a problem for me to say how I feel. I’m not a political figure, I can be honest with those around me. I never worry about the greenery around me, because all it takes is hard work, communication and water you’ll have a garden before you know it. Nature is beautiful. It’s these fence straddlers who jump into your yard last minute acting as friends the whole time, that make you constantly have to mow your lawn, trim your hedges and shake evil rotten apples from your tree. Because AS WE ALL KNOW! When the grass is cut, the snakes will show.


This is why you have to be careful of Brutus and the ides of March, that’s why you don’t let these Judas motherfuckas sit at your table when all they bring is silverware and an appetite. Feast with those who put on gloves, pull weeds and truly fuck with your energy. Don’t let these last minute reservation “Oh it looks good on this side” come and eat your organic salad. They are always looking for greener pastures.

Save straddling the fence for when you’re taking on the big monsters don’t use this technique with your friends. For instance I had this girl in the recent to distant near to far away past (yea I don’t want to give date details) tell me how I was too good for someone (Which no one is ever too good for anyone else. Unless they’re like some Law&Order: SVU type killer) but this same person was also telling the someone I didn’t deserve her. Now both situations are in the past, but that one kind of blew my mind. Especially because I didn’t even want this persons loyalty. I felt they should’ve been far more loyal to the her in the situation. And to be honest good or bad there are some things I don’t deserve in this life. But that brings me back to one of my core values.

Don’t let temporary people in the comment section of things that are both real and passionate. Things that could be forever.

I want everyone I consider friend/family to do well. Some people I love and care for enough there would be no hate in my heart if they did better than me. As long as they’re happy. If I’m good, we good. If they are good, I am great. All I want in this life is to be content and prosper. I don’t need it all.

Don’t shop around your loyalty to the highest bidder. Being consistent is as good as being royalty in my most humble opinion. So be consistent royalty. Don’t procrastinate on realizing things when you know they are at your front door. Be kind to everyone, but be loyal to few. Every battle doesn’t need you playing both sides in a war zone. Because soon people will not see you as a general but just as a court gesture. A fool best suited in a clown suit. Know who your allies are and bring water to their yard. I just don’t want to see you on the ground saying Ay Tu Brute, Ay Tu. 

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