Not all cut from the same cloth. 7.12.15

Last week my friends mother gave me a quilt she personally made for me. That gesture alone made me smile. It’s not often people give me things or gifts of any kind. Not that I expect them either. Just doesn’t happen often.

What really made me so happy was she told me she had been working on this for a year and a half. When my Pop Pop passed it was a really hard time for me and she said she made this quilt because she wanted me to know no matter what there is always someone out there thinking of you. She went to different fabric shops every time she traveled and found materials to uniquely design this for me.

Material things aren’t high on my list of importance in life but I always want to be appreciated. I find that really important and I also like telling those who matter to me that I appreciate them. I like doing grand gestures for those I love but the little things I especially notice and have gratitude for. It’s a rarity to see humans do things that aren’t just for the sake of self preservation and genuinely just to benefit another soul. So if you ever read this, this is my little thank you. That meant a lot to the lion. 

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