Wanderlust 7.12.15

I want to constantly fall in love with you.

But you go out of your way to make it hard.

Contemplating if it’s on purpose.

Everytime you fall apart.

Close things can hurt you.

So you rather just be admired from afar.

You’re the girl in the bar who takes shots like an assassin. And uses chaser like its blood on the leaves.

No victims, you just like to conquer things.

You’re a queen, and everybody knows it.

I’m more so into universal things, so to me your electricity.

I want to feel it.

Can I touch you there?

That place where your energy goes.

Most people build walls to keep those with emotions out.

You chose to be on top of a mountain with the topography that’s hard to comprehend. 

You buy plane tickets to far off lands.

Hoping no one will search for you because we all got baggage but you just want your heart to carry on so you never have to check the weight of your luggage again.

Them metaphors hit real life.

Loving you is like riding a bike.

You deserve to be admired like the moon and the stars.

Yet you prefer city lights.

Never felt free except on those rare occasion when you opened it all for me.

So free it almost felt like you were tamed.

But you can’t accept anything but the jungle because at least in the wild you only have yourself to blame.

It’s getting late here. I have to leave now.

No rush. Life tells us when to calm down.

The time in my internal thoughts work like an eternal clock that no one other than me would get how it ticks or tocks

It may be awhiLe but fOr you to moVe frEe this is what mY destination has tO be. So pUre

You may not see me but I’m always there.

For now……

I’ve got shots to take

I’ve got mountains to climb

I’ve got planes to catch

I’ve got city lights to see

I’ve got bags to check

I’ve got jungles to explore

It’s getting late in my mind.

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