Who knows if I would’ve ended it?! You called me and ended us with no regard of what I was going through. ”

I was the one left picking up pieces from a future we imagined.

How ironic is it you destroyed worlds, then have the nerve to continue walking around as if you care about nature.

Some people simply aren’t ready for love. They aren’t ready for the nature of it all.

The way your heart feels for me has become different, now that’s climate change.

You’re not prepared for the emotions I was so ready to give to you.

If someone isn’t ready for love it doesn’t matter how much you love them it will never work out.

It won’t work out and yet I still want to help you exercise your demons.

Now you have to start it all again. You have to get to the nature of these problems. The root of it all.

She is stuck between the truth of “I’ll try anything once” and the lie when she says “I’ve never done this before”

When it comes to love you just stand off in the corner like you’ve never been invited to a party before.

This is all too familiar.

Hard body

Hard body

There was nothing but evil ego.

There was nothing left but the darkness man was capable of when he moved with selfish tendencies.

Realizing how much you lost when you thought you could gain the universe is truly captivating.

Then I looked around and saw that I was only surrounded by myself.

There was nothing but the chaos I created from faded memories and sober truths.

Stop smelling the marble countertops there’s nothing left for you here. Stop going to the bathroom your interrupting everyone there. These rough nights led to brutal mornings. Of course after all that abuse there was nothing but pain left.

In order to heal you have to create a healing environment.

It was certainly evident I would be taken over by this form of the devil if I didn’t get self help. I would be my own downfall if I didn’t want to climb out of darkness.

The thing about darkness is sometimes you become so use to it that you think it’s just shadows.

The darkness that was ego.

The shadows of the person I once was.

What happens when I don’t answer phone calls anymore? When I feel best when I’m all alone.

What happens when I’m satisfied just drowning in the abyss of this evil ego I created.

In order to heal you have to create a healing environment.

Please don’t say you need me. That’s not fair to my insanity.

Please don’t say you want me if you don’t believe you are my destiny.

Now you’re talking my language every time you’re on top of me. I need to make sure I’m understanding everything you are communicating when laying beside of me.

Don’t make someone take care of you if they aren’t practicing self care.


What happens when they don’t answer phone calls anymore? When they feel best when they all alone.

If the Devil didn’t have an ego would he still be an angel?

Do the humble sin?

Don’t let the darkness win.

Make sure your ego doesn’t outlive you.

Visuals by: Cruz

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