The Sun set as it always does.

I made eye contact with you as the eternal light faded like I always do.

You’ve always been one to more so get lost in the phases of the Moon.

Some may say it’s all very romantic, but really I just want to feel alive.

I just want to take deeper and more meaningful breathes.

Everything is connected if you just read the words with enough depth. I hate the feeling of a shallow life.

Can we talk for a minute as I tell you twisted and beautifully crazy secrets as if we are the only two on this dark side of the Moon?

The fucked up thing about questions is they need answers.

The fucked up thing about answers is sometimes they cause pain.

She said “Continue on…I’m willing to accept your truth even if they end up revealing flaws.”

I have two horrible habits when it comes to romance. They are the reason for my destruction every single time.

1) I always need to put out fires

2) I always fall in love with pyromaniacs

I’ll give you matches for our anniversary…

Hard Body.

Hard Body.

I dwell on my loses and failures way more than I celebrate my wins and accomplishments.

Every time I give a toast I hope the glass doesn’t break.

May I have your attention please?

How is no one speaking but this room is so loud all of the time?!

Oh yeah…that’s just the voices in my head again.

You expect love from people who look in the mirror and don’t see love.

Read that line again and please let me know you understood the problem there.

It’s funny how self reflection is about so much more than our appearance.

Yet we do everything in order for the world to not see us for who really are. Being naked in front of an audience scares us to death.

I don’t want memories of my mind and heart replaced by regrets and what ifs that would plague my soul.

My spirit needs to be more free than this body can hold.

I don’t want to sleep through this life. It’s a fear of mine to wake up one day and die of old age.

“I dream one day I’ll be king.” That’s the sentence I said so self assured as if my father was Mufasa and I just pulled a sword from a stone.

“ Your confidence is beautiful. I want to stare at it and wish upon it before it goes away like a shooting star. I just dream that one day I’ll be okay” she replied.

Women who feel that they are never enough write the best love poems.

Every women I know is a poet.

Just like that you are captivated. just like that you are lost in our world.

I think in this lifetime you were meant to be queen…

You deserve thrones.

Instead you just sit on a pedestal of your worry’s and feel guilty anytime you smile out of happiness.

You have depressive episodes just to spite yourself, because of trauma you endured when the world left you by yourself. Now you push everyone away just to prove you don’t need anybody else.

You deserve thrones.

Instead you just swim in your tears.

You tell all the boys who you’ve touched and let go “Cry a river for me, because I was once an ocean for you”

You deserve thrones.

Instead you settle for apologies that don’t come with changed behavior.

You are on my mind as if your name is the only thought of the day.

Don’t take that for granted

Right now you have all my attention.

So say something to me and mean it.

Everything is yours for the taking and nothing last forever. 

So please above everything else just breathe.

I’m really enjoying this moment.

So please be here with me.

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