Water Based

All these beautiful rolled up dollar bills. We need bigger currency for this expensive view.

We getting so much older now.

Sooner or later the world is going to stop accepting we don’t know what to do.

They want us to grow up like everyone else before us did.

Put crowns on the kids

We can’t forever be lost boys and girls.

All this time on my hands just to make more mistakes that I regret.

Hard body

Hard body

I wish I never said I love you…

Not because I didn’t mean it; I just hate when I feel it.

I hate repeating myself but I know you need to hear it.

Once those words form in the back of your throat then creep up and with such purpose as they rhythmically leave your lips there’s no way to escape it

The maze of emotions, get lost in your feelings.

We are all looking for superficial ways to escape being ourselves sometimes.

It’s crystallized find yourself before we break it down.

I think I did too many lines, I should be dead by now.

I said “I love you” far too many times, it should be felt by now.

What goes around, comes around.

So I know there’s a liquid substance for my highs that will balance my dried lows out.

Please stop trying to figure me out. My mask is different from anyone else who ever acted on this worlds stage.

So be something unique with me.

Put a choker on become someone different tonight. Lie to me beautiful baby before you steal my soul let me believe everything will be alright.

She the actress of my fantasy. My hands touch her body like diversity.

I say things in her ear that saintly mothers should never read.

I yell things in the air that devilish fathers would love to breathe.

I don’t drink when I’m down mentally, physically or spiritually, but I refuse to deal with it sober. So catch me smiling like the Joker.

My mental health is a joke to you?

Oh now you can relate with me?

I got a bottle and ambition.

I got a stand up routine based on my level of pain.

Clown with me

Drown with me

Do you like art…?…. I’ve been wanting to try something new with water colors.

The sadness and happiness it all flows in the same direction.

The only difference is when we learn how to swim.

Seriously do you like art…?….

If so please continue…

Let me paint you a picture formed by water based color words.

The theme is still body’s of water.

You lay there in your body surrounded by a pool of your own thoughts. Doubts are the life guard on duty.

You want those thoughts to be more than just this pool. You want thoughts that equate to sunsets and sunrises on the ocean.

You know emotions come in waves but you rather be controlled by the moon.

You in this moment feel so full as if the final phase of the very moon you praise.

You are so ready to swim again in these thoughts that you so desperately desire to become beautiful.

You realize as your thoughts grow more powerful so does the doubts. It’s the nature of the two things. Those thoughts go from a pool to an ocean. So the doubts go from a life guard on duty to sharks in the water.

You still want to be a great swimmer?

Let’s not forget you are laying with all these beautiful thoughts. You are as full as the last phase of the Moon and warm as the Sun.

You are an eclipse with light.

So you forget the threat of doubts, take all these thoughts and ask a question that only someone that wants to really swim could ask.

You so full and bright

You both the Moon and Sun

You are an eclipse with light.

Look over to this person who you casually encounter for certain periods of times and ask “Could you be patient with me? Could you have patience with me?”

They look back with a different body of water; tears in their eyes.

They look back and say ever so gently but perfectly clear. “ To have patience in what you think is love means you have hopes for forever. I don’t have that hope with you. I don’t want to waste my time.”

No you’re drowning where you thought you would swim.

Do you still like art…?….

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