Sundays: 2018

I started this with Sundays being my favorite day. Now I have fallen in love with them and that’s all thanks to you.

I am in New York right now ready to bring the new year with one of my best friends appreciating all aspect of life and reflecting on all of you.

What touches your spirit? What brightens your tinder soul?

I’ve learned love stories can be more than who you end up with in the end.

There’s still so much opportunity for us to start again.

This unlikely but romantic love affair between us and words.

This beautiful things of ours.

This wonderful place that we have created.

I have made truly fascinating connections with humans I will never meet.

I have made memories with people who paths I would never have come across if not for the sharing of pieces.

I have many special bonds and I hope they are never broken.

I hope they are never fractured or incomplete.

I have tried to right my wrongs and even where I have failed. I still became a better man.

My intentions are always pure. That’s why I am always content no matter the end results.

None of this was ever simply just for me and I hope that is clear to all of you.

No matter what you are going through or how you are feeling. No matter if you are in the right or wrong. No matter if you are at the mountain top and feel you can fly. Or at rock bottom and want to die.

This place will always be here in one way or another.

YoungLionBlog can always be what you need if you just look for it.

We’ve gained followers.

We’ve messed up second chances.

We’ve made people read again

We’ve shared our favorite lines.

We’ve laughed.

We’ve loved.

We’ve pushed our limits.

We’ve held on another day

We’ve experienced every emotion possible.

We’ve interwoven our experiences.

We’ve valued our differences.

We’ve lost friends.

We’ve moved on from situations that we thought were cemented.

We let go of others in order to find ourselves.

We’ve pursued our dreams. So that our reality can be better than our fantasies.

We’ve apologized and forgave.

We’ve doubted.

We’ve healed.

We’ve grown.

We’ve realized what we want to be and who we wanted to be it with.

We’ve thought about the possibilities of who were are and what we can be.

We’ve connected with others who come here.

We’ve taken kids to the movies.

We’ve fed the homeless

We’ve looked out for our friends out of love not debt.

We’ve traveled.

We haven’t missed one Sunday this year!

We’ve believed in each other.

We fucking took care of 10 families for Christmas!

And so many other things that will skip my brain but will later fill me with join.

All I wanted to do is be your favorite writer.

That is still my main goal but now I know we can accomplish so much more together.

For reasons I’ve expressed and others I haven’t yet means a lot to me. I am glad it means something to you too.

Find ways to change the world and how others view it for the better, because life is all about the view.

Gratitude to all of you who are Friends Of The Blog.

Gratitude to the ones who post my work every week and recite their favorite line(s)

Gratitude to the ones who message me letting me know I have a positive impact on their lives.

Gratitude to the thousands that read every month and the couple hundred of you who do know who I am and don’t reveal it.

Gratitude to my muse and all who inspired my words this year. Everything was authentic and real.

This isn’t all of it.

This isn’t even close to the end.

This beautiful thing of ours.

I’ve grown a lot this year. I sincerely Thank You for being here with me.

Always remember you are not alone.

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