She use to say yes to me…

Sometimes we take moments for granted.

We don’t properly reflect until those moments become memories.

I wanted it to mean more to you…

All these ideas that came to me.

Who am I to try and control everything?

Of course I want to know who you really are. I’m fascinated with who you pretend to be.

When the lights come on what happens to all those stars wished upon?

Do you free fall back to reality?

Do you still hold on to your simple dreams?

Or did you let them go in order to prove you didn’t care?

You don’t care about anything. It really is a maze of a lie.

Be the cause of the pain before it is inflicted upon you. It really is the emotional logic of this time.

Prisoner to the war you have with your thoughts.

You always find the most elegant ways to avoid your demons.

You’ve become a ballerina to your faults.

You hold onto all the secrets of your scars.

You have a bad romance with your flaws.

Distance is what has brought you this far. It’s painful to read these things. It hurts to be these things.

Don’t let anyone too close.

They may just figure you out.

That’s what all these goodbyes are for….

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