A Christmas Reality

Preface: I want to sponsor 3 families/children in the Northern Nevada area for the holidays. I will go out and get them food, clothes or toys. Whichever is needed most. My goal is $450. That’s $150 per family. All money goes to them. If I go past the goal I will sponsor additional families or donate the money to a local charity.

Here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/younglionblog-christmas-campaign?pc=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=b20fb24e6b1f4665948901c76275089f

Reality: The crack era was an epidemic of the 80’s. For the men of that time you were either a king or a customer. Many times you were both. Even in the daytime dark things occurred. There’s a lot of fools gold that happens under streets lights and in front of corner stores. The ramifications of that time line went on to have immense effect on the babies of the 90’s in how they viewed the world. I am a child of the 90’s.

I view the world differently…

My sisters father did a bid. The details of that I won’t go into because that is not my story to tell right now.

The story I will tell here happened when I was a youth on Christmas. My mother and Nana (grandmother) had been working two jobs and doing their best to make sure Christmas would happen for my older sister and myself. Like most traditional parents my mom had been stockpiling gifts slowly over the course of months and hiding them in a closet. The night of Christmas Eve not a creature was stirring. So her and my nana went to wrap all the presents to put them under the tree.

To their surprise and utter chagrin there was nothing in the closet. Everything was gone. Like I said my sisters father was a victim of the times and everything meant for the children of the house funded his habit. He wasn’t in or a part of the home at this time. He had broken in and was nowhere to be found.

He took everything.

He would go on to deeply regret this action during his time of reflection when he was a prisoner of the state. But at that time he was a prisoner of the moment. A slave to the hustle and the drugs.

Being behind bars hypothetical or real changes your trajectory in life.

I was young, still believed in Santa and asleep. My older sister I’m guessing no longer believed at that time. but she was still expecting to wake up to gifts under the tree. In the lineage of stories my mother and I share this one is very minor now. We have survived far worst and remember most of it fondly now. But just imagine the night before Christmas you have no money, all your gifts were stolen and no way to recover any of it. Sometimes I think of what my mom has endured and I just instantly start working on something I think will make our lives better. Make her life easier is a better way to phrase it.

My mother called my Pop Pop who was separated from my Nana and lived in Philadelphia. He got out of bed in the middle of the night and sent a couple hundred dollars Western Union. He was a flawed man, but a great hero of mine. My mother and Nana got in a taxi went to a local grocery store called Meijers which was the only thing open. And they did all they could to make Christmas happen. I didn’t get everything I wanted that Christmas but I didn’t have to wake up thinking Santa forgot me. A little bit of a dream stayed alive. A small matter of innocence protected. I think that is most important for children. The world is going to come and Life is going to happen. Protect their innocence as long as possible.

I talked to my mother on the phone today and that is a story we laugh about now. Along with many others that were filled with illegal activities, homelessness, near death experiences and many other things that got me to this point in life. Society would look down on a lot of my idols and role models I had as a boy. My mom had us young and we didn’t have much. Sometimes we didn’t have anything at all. But there was always love.

Even when she couldn’t always be around she always did her best.

I appreciate that.

Statistically speaking the world never expected much of me. I was supposed to be in jail by 18 or dead by 25. I lived like it. I moved like I was trying to survive for the day not live for years.

She always taught me how to figure it out in the most desperate of times. Even on the days when I was unfortunately a product of my environment. When I was a reflection of these blocks we lived on. When I was defiant and thought I hated her so I moved out at 14. When I answered every question with violence and she was getting calls from police officers. She always let me know I could be more. There was more to be achieved outside these circumstances.

A lot of the bad I’ve done in life I’ve stood alone in my dirt, muddy in the waters sometimes soaked in blood. All the good I’ve done or that has come from my time on Earth I have had help.

When it comes to my vision I don’t want to do it alone. The top is only lonely if you leave everyone you care about behind. Beside me or on my shoulders I want you with me. If I love you I need you next to me or all of this is pointless.

Even on a small scale I don’t want a ladder to climb. I want steps that many can walk to reach the heights that I request from the universe. Once I figure it out I will build elevators for everyone who is with me. I know it will take time to design this blueprint.

I can’t cut corners.

Two things that I say often. One I want this place that I created to be welcoming to everyone who comes to YoungLionBlog. Secondly my personal mantra “Life Is All About The View”. Both are extremely true and are constant reminders to what I am hoping to achieve.

When nothing is left of me I hope you remember how my words made you feel something unique.

For the holidays I want to help 3 families/kids in the Northern Nevada area. I started a GoFundMe with a goal of $450. That’s $150 to dedicated to each child/family. ALL proceeds will go to toys, clothing or food for these three families. I will do all the shopping and post pictures of everything. As much as I would like to I cannot help everyone who is in need this holiday season, but I can try to do my part. I never get nervous when it comes to writing but asking others for help is something I’m not good at. Which is somewhat comical since this isn’t even for me. I just have a platform and want to do positive things with it. This is a way to help a community. I know I have readers from all over the world every Sunday. This is a way to help another human. When I reach my goal you change the world of three children/families in need. If I pass my goal all money will go to sponsor another child or local charities.

Small or large if you can donate I’d greatly appreciate it. If you can’t I still thank you for being here and hopefully I can help you in the future.

Life is all about the view. The view everything in front of you. I still have so much work to do and I thank you all for being on this journey with me.

Stay beautiful and celebrate the little things.



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