Favorite Day

There was a time when someone asked me

“Why do you care now?”

I took the question to heart because to tell you the truth there isn’t much in this world I truly care about.

What I am passionate about is very obvious. Who I want to spend my time with is very important. I don’t take my energy lightly.

How I spend my days is very crucial to my sanity.

I want to write about you on Sundays.

Ask you unrealistic questions on Monday’s.

And take you to the movies every Tuesday.

The rest of the week I want to talk to you while watching cinema with the sound off. I want to touch you while listening to music in the background.

Or all those other days we can compromise.

We can compromise…

When it comes to you I’m always down to let go of pride.

Let’s give it another shot that’s what the hopeless romantic says.

Let’s take another shot that’s what the alcoholic says.

If you’re not careful everything becomes a shot in the end.

My problem with potential is I never want the beauty to end.

I see the beauty within.

I can’t think of the words to say. I just want more of the days where you accept my apologies for my past mistakes. I realize everything can’t be washed away.

There is no body of water big enough to make this world pure again. So I swim in my sins and soak up rays of the saintly sun.

I hope it all evens out.

Do you miss me some days?

I’ll always have my Sundays.

You’ve moved on most days.

Will you answer my unrealistic questions on Monday’s?

Is there still parts of me that haven’t faded away?

Can I take you to the movies on Tuesday?

We can listen anyway you want.

We can compromise on all the other days.

We in the same time zone. Maybe even reading from the same book. We just need to get on the same page.

We write obituaries and love stories with the same pen.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You look like a million bucks and I’ve got thoughts until infinity. I’ll let you do the math on how long inspiration can last.

If I slow it down will you hold it down?

It’s far fetched that we could ever be close enough. I want to be latched to the parts of your spirit that sparks your love.

I could’ve just said I’m sorry and I really like you and we would’ve been in a different spot.

I want to be with you in all these destinations. Plane rides can get lonely. All my peers just hoping the women that they want look the same as the pictures they taken. So many melodic thoughts of temptation.

What’s real anymore?

It seems less every year.

What makes you feel anymore?

No one ever ask how did we get here?

Even if you let your guard down I know your armor stays on. Cause you mastered the pain of sticks and stones. You’re far more concerned with the words that thrown.

We want these moments to exist forever because it’s the feeling we thought we wanted the whole time.

It’s supposed to be like this. That’s what they all say. Why isn’t it like this? That’s when they all fall silent.

I wanted to text you but instead I just went deep into the vortex of my mind. Overthinking everything can be overwhelming. But I rather die in these enormous moments than to live dormant.

You show me yours I’ll show you mine.

She thought I meant scars.

I was talking about the depths of your mind.

We are always so quick to brandish our pain. Show me how you heal.

Show Me How You Heal

Classic case of miscommunication. It was happening far too often. So to solve it I spent the last year of my life stating exactly how I feel far too often.

Fuck there I go rambling again. Sending these sweet nothings into the air like I know you can fly and I want to be your wind.

How arrogant of me to not see my future until it was in my past.

I’ve lived a life where things don’t last but that doesn’t mean I can life my life like things won’t last.

I always cared I just didn’t show it the way that I should.

I want to write about you on Sundays

Ask you unrealistic questions on Monday’s

And take you to the movies every Tuesday.

I don’t care how we spend the rest of the days.

The answer to every question is; because you’re my favorite day of the week.

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