Too often we don’t know who we really are underneath it all.

We avoid the emotion of reality.

We become disassociated with what we could be because of what society may think we currently are.

Do you love yourself?

Do you like yourself?

Do you think you are worth it?

When it’s just you and your thoughts are you honest?

Lying to ourselves about what we can achieve ultimately leads to our downfall.

Do you appreciate the uniqueness that you provide to every day life?

To work on my self and to motivate myself

I always attack my negatives.

I point out my flaws so I can realize all I want to fix or embrace.

I always look at my faults in which I need to improve on.

I always remind myself I am an imperfect human that will make mistakes along the way of figuring life out.

In doing that we need to know all of that which makes us special.

We all don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we are doing right in this world.

We don’t believe in ourselves enough.

There will always be some form of doubt present when we are envisioning our dreams.

In an attempt to embrace who really are we all become our own worst critic.

I want to know the good qualities.

This week all I ask is that you give me something about yourself that you like or something you are doing that you are proud of.

You know the truth of your demons and the lies of your angels.

Give me something real.

I want to know the beauty you see in your reflection.

Be honest in how you admire yourself.

Show me a way in which you are light.

There’s aspects of you that are a star.

We all have a beautiful wardrobe if we simply take the time to clean out our closet,

I genuinely want to know something you like about yourself or something you are doing in life that is positive.

Give me an affirmation about yourself.

Thank you.

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