Love Language

The drugs don’t even make you feel good anymore they just make you feel different.

It’s just an escape for a small moment.

A brief pleasure that pauses all those other emotions.

A glimpse into how it could all be so simple.

They take away the pain you get sick of playing hide and go seek with.

This bed is big enough for two.

Lay down and tell me your secrets.

There’s so much noise in this world.

I want to make sure we speak the same language.

Fairy tales of agony. If you let it out maybe it won’t hurt anymore.

What if you tell me and then one morning I’m just not there? All those what ifs eventually build up and you feel like no one will ever understand.

You’re sick adding to the list of people you opened up to. Every time it feels like a fresh wound.

I want to help you heal.

My intentions are to be there for your sunrises and your sunsets.

Tell me all the little things you need.

I can admit you are my weakness.

I want you to evolve into my strength.

I don’t have to lie to you.

That’s a beautiful thing.

The honesty feels like a peak.

In the search for desire your passion is something I would like to keep.

Looking up at the night sky hoping shooting stars will lead you to me.

Phases of the Moon remind me of you.

In a small way I’m forever yours like the closing of love letters.

In a small way you’ll be with me for infinity.

We had something real.

We had something genuine .

You are my peak.

I wish it was your language that I learned to speak.

I don’t want the emotions you are feeling to be foreign to me.

In the shadows of my mind I see memories of you that I wish were still happening.

I wanted it to shine like eternal flames but it seems that it could be gone in the blink of an eye.

And if this is so, that is okay.

Small pieces of me will live in parts of you forever.

Images will never leave the landscape of my mind no matter how many acres somebody else settles down on.

I don’t have to tell you remember me.

That will happen naturally.

I think it’s pure because with us it just feels organic.

We never had to force the conversation but when we went silent it was horrible.

We were holding onto pride more than we did each other.

Lost in translation was the matter of fact that we needed one another.

Now that’s just an old opinion.

Had to realize what you went through before me was not my fault. But still that was a reflection on how you handled things now. In my head I thought you were amazing so I was trying to figure it out. When it comes to love you can’t fix everything on your own. I simply should’ve just asked you how did you need to be loved.

Think how powerful that question is.

“How do you need to be loved?”

The problem is not enough humans ask that.

The bigger problem is even more humans don’t know how to answer that.

What did you need from then so that I could be with you now?

What can I do now that I didn’t do then.

So much of that was lost in translation.

Were I needed to build you up there was a breakdown in communication.

I will take blame for that.

I am willing to learn.

You were dealing with things I didn’t understand. I was holding thoughts you needed to hear in my head.

My concern had an emphasis on not losing you. It wasn’t until you were in my rear view that I focused on the things that would keep you. Sometimes realizing things too late is my speciality.

And “Why now?” Is your answer to everything.

Now the road less traveled feels like it is too unpaved.

Asking you to meet me halfway is too much of journey.

I know your heart is restless.

It has traveled a long time in hopes that the next stop will be the final destination.

Tell me all the things you think about when I’m not around.

Tell me all the things that you doubt with us.

Tell me everything you believe in.

I’m listening with the intention to learn and change.

I cherish the sound of your voice.

So if we never speak again just answer me one more thing….

How do you need to be loved?

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