I miss you.

No hidden intentions I sincerely want to take you out to lunch. I sincerely want to ask how are you doing in this world? I want to catch up. I hope those you keep close are looking out for you. I hope you are conquering the parts of your universe that put doubts in you.

I know how easily an “I miss you” can turn into “I miss us.” Because I truly do, but I want you in my life for those long nights that I need you to push my eye lids down when I have a headache.

Emotionally: let me know everything I need to do to get you here

Physically: whisper in my ear everything I do to get you there

I learned to have patience with love. Have no hurry when it comes to the thrill of lust. Thoughts of having you long term gives me an adrenaline rush.

Cause it doesn’t matter if it’s your heart or mine.

Breaking one can happen in a instant but building trust takes time.

Faithful to situations that will arise.

I see sunsets all around me

The beauty of a Mid-Summers night dream. I want the windows open when we intertwined. I want them to hear what you call me when no one is around.

I want to lay you down like this is therapeutic.

The heat is beautiful

When it’s time to rest turn that A/C on

I want it cold in my room like the soul of good women who were scorned.

I want you close to me while I sleep. Our forecast is we could weather any storm.

I still see ghost of the positions I use to put you in. Shadows of where you use to lay on me.

It’s haunting how you said it was mine.

Scar tissue of what love use to be is a beautiful pain to me.

I’ll walk that line till you tip toeing around me naked is a daily luxury.

I’ve seen ballerinas dance and the way you move deserves to be accompanied by a symphony.

Love me with a different kind of passion. Without a soul we are nothing but skin and bones.

But I know there is substance to you.

I know your mind is thick with a few c’s and your spirit got beautiful curves.

Your inner thighs got the recipe to everything my tastebuds crave.

Let me adventure in your mental.

Let me explore the Allegory of your Cave.

You stand in front of me; I want to take you away.

Talks on a beach about Parts of you that are Unknown in Recluse destInations we Previously thought we’d never see.

I want to stand under waterfalls and let H2O wash away anything you thought was shame. Take way all those names that cause you pain. Even if that vocabulary includes me.

This can’t be rushed.

Break it all down and put it back together piece by piece.

Stone by stone until waterfalls is all they see

It all starts with a tiny stream that is folding and meets up with another stream. Over time that turns into a river. Once that river is in the right environment soft rock erodes undercutting the hard rock and the possibility of a waterfall forms.

First those two streams must come together.

Most great things start with something simple. Love shouldn’t be the exception.

First something beautiful and simple must happen.

Something as simple as “ I miss you ”

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