Dinner for two

Tell me how you need me to move, because your dark magic is beautiful vodoo.

 No one really loves me quite like you do.

No one really hates me quite like you do.

No one says my name quite like you do. 

When it comes to you and mistakes, I made a few. Can you admit you made some too? Or is that option not on the menu? Five course meals of all this food for growth and dessert is thoughts of you. I over indulge in that Liberty as if the statue. You in my mind like elegant memories. Reminiscing on the taste of you is bittersweet. Now tell me all your best lies as I sip this tea. I give you all my best lines, I won’t leave you empty. You yell at me like a symphony. I find beauty in the dangerous things. I hope you see with me it’s not the same. When you aren’t there it just seems strange.

I miss your energy.

Do you see me as the enemy? 7 days since we last talked that makes me weak. Don’t leave me with my thoughts too long, I start to overthink. About how this life is gone in a Blink…no one 182. I hate to say it is so but the roses left by the chair just went down the sink.

Surprise me, let me know you care.

If I ever lose the pen…

There goes my shrink.

If I ever lose you…

No more wedding rings

Just the possibility of it breaks my heart. I really wish you knew.

I have an appetite for what makes you happy. So please share a meal of your blessings with me, but beast must prEy before they feast.

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. If I shall die before I wake just tell that woman she’s my everything” 

I don’t know what you believe in anymore. I don’t know when you look up to the night sky or around in a crowded room who or what you’re looking for.

I hope you find it.

I hope you find them.

Even if in the end it’s not me. Once your gone, I won’t try to find you in the lost and found. I won’t tell strangers what was gained. I’m going to hold onto your secrets like love letters I will forever read. I’ll always put you in my prayers even when I don’t believe. I’ll tell the world in the most simple ways that I miss you.

All the simple ways that I miss you…It could be your smile that I miss the most. Or when I grabbed you, you always knew to hold me close. Or every time you eat you get food in your hair. How I could have fun with you anywhere.

Come visit me.

Let’s talk about all the minor things that put doubts in your head.

Come talk to me.

If we talking about love. Do you feel it? Can you say it?

What’s my name?

I understand you but you speak like its a different language.

I want you with little remorse.

Intrigued by you with no regrets.

We still eating together? Tell me that you’re not finished yet.

How am I thinking you’re my past and still what I want next?

Give me your love.

Give me your hate.

I don’t want you feeling that strongly about someone else.

I adore our passion, let me feel it.

I don’t want someone else saying they’ll be there to pick you up at 8. Knowing you want to look your best so you’ll still be late. Don’t make me think about someone else holding your door and having you sit in the passenger seat singing songs that you only kind of know the lyrics to. I don’t want him ordering drink simply because you want one and don’t want to drink alone. I don’t want him not being hungry but getting up to get food in the middle of the night because he knows how much you hate eating alone. I don’t want you knowing what to order for him no matter where you are. I don’t want him asking if you want anything from the store. You say “no” but I always know to still get you something from the store. Or how we get the same thing, but you always takes the one that looks better. Or fighting over who gets the last bite. Or you regret your choice, so you always wants what’s mine.

I don’t want him touching parts of you that was reserved for me. I don’t him realizing you say names differently when you love the person. I don’t want him to be the ingredients in your life when it’s time to put together recipes.

But all of this is more so about what do you want.

I guess the real question: Is there enough left on our plate to take home for leftovers?

Whenever you need to we can talk over a meal of your thoughts.

I’ll pick up the bill.

You provide the substance.

Life is all about the view.

Love is dinner for two.

dinner for two

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