Valley Highs




Lately she’s into douchebags that treat her bad.
Real assholes…
Maybe it’s just a fad.
Or could it be longerterm, you never know. Confessions of a beauty queen who needs to Usher in a new wardrobe all her goals let them Burn. 

Addictions let them go. 

She works out twice a day trying to be like the girls in the videos. All these California Valley thoughts are bringing lows. Moral compass, she don’t even know which way to go. It’s hard to tell who is friend or foe when the people who are suppose to care don’t know how to tell you no. We just Ordinary People we live like Legends though. If you listened to me I would tell you this time just take it slow. But you feel like this is the life you were made for. This life you worked shitty jobs and tried to save for. I can’t save you because half the time I’m trying save me. The light is bright but there is shade underneath palm trees. That’s a metaphor for the life we all try to lead. 

You don’t need a hero. You need an intervention, you need realization, you need a revelation. You need someone who cares for you everyday not just special occasions. Because you just run and hide anytime the stakes are high. Living this life you just learned to wish on shooting stars when the real answers are inside. You learned to say “I’m okay” like it was normal, and not the worlds biggest lie.




What the fuck do I know? I can’t take the high road. I wear a mask myself and avoid conversation everytime I should ask for help. I let the world slowly pick at me until one day I need my soul and see there is nothing left. We live to die because the our spirit is never on the rise. When I’m killing myself is when I feel most alive. When I’m killing myself is when I feel arrived. Bright sights like the moon is my guiding light. Painting scenes of horror under Starry Nights. When the sun comes up I just hope you survived. If we dying together, I hope you by side. Let’s destroy things because we’re never satisfied. 

Let’s destroy things because we’re never satisfied

Hearts cold. 

They told us the after life was hot so into Hell we skydived. 

Forgot the past like all we care about is here and now. If the screams are in our head. Does the world hear a sound?

Let’s lay here for as long as we need.

We need everything.

So let’s lay here forever.

So let’s lay here for as long as we breathe.

All these Valley highs just balance out our lows.

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