Miss You A Million Ways

Miss you a million ways.

In the beginning it was all wonderment but know I see the darkness at the end of the tunnel.

We both know how this ends.

It was a beautiful lie you told me saying we could work towards being just friends.

But I understand.

Why would you want to be just friends with the boy who broke your heart? It wasn’t on purpose incidental contact. I was just a kid innocent not knowing I was holding the most precious thing in the world and dropped it. And he wants to…

I mean…

I want to ask for forgiveness. But I know that’s just not how you move. I know I could travel to a million moons and dedicate every luner eclipse to the way my soul feels without you and it still wouldn’t change the color of the ring for your mood. I hit a growth spurt and it’s all because of you. But now your lines always busy it seems this man can’t get thru. I hope you realize that hearts break in two. I might’ve been clumsy with my handle but your words are like bullet wounds that go thru and thru. Now I’m stuck saying the word “appreciate” to all these strangers in their face only seeing you. This hard work and these late nights everything is coming true. Had to put myself to sleep, gave the pen a curfew.

Everything is moving so rapidly. I’m moving forward but constantly looking back just hoping you’re coming after me.

Scary how big a moment can be sometimes.

Even scarier to think who we do and don’t share these moments with.

I have a million ways to say I miss you.

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