Things We Found In The Fire.

Things We Found In The Fire 9.10.15

Some things aren’t meant to be saved

some things are meant to burn.

What we lost in the fire is everything we don’t deserve.

From the smoke and the ashes come 9/11 theories and reminders of the Phoenix from the ones we chose to bury. Demons are our love life. So a Devil in a new dress is what we choose to marry. I want your poison, I seek it out.

Give me your sins and I’ll look upon them with affection.

I’m desperate for your dark soul.

It’s quite eerie how you give my perfect eyesight blurry vision. My hindsight is an explosion.

Bring me your pain and flaws like my hands all over your body is surgery. Operation tables built from the materials of Aesop’s fables.

Be my hell when I’m looking for a flame.

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