Soulmate Music

Soulmate Music.

I know you can’t sing but I want your body to put me to sleep and your voice to be my alarm clock.

I know you can’t sing but everyday could you sing me Odesza “Say My Name” like its our wedding vows?

I promise from now on that’s all I’ll ask of you, try to hit notes until your voice cracks so I know it’s true.

I’ll lie and say “Yea Pretty Girl, you really hit it that time.” As long as I feel real love in each line.
You say you’re not the best at words. Just sing me Ashanti or Beyoncé songs while my hands invest in your curves.
It use to be a lot but now I don’t need much just an Angels voice and a gentle touch. Give hymns that let me know I’m your him. Melodies that reassure I’m all you need in this life of sin. If you ever doubt my love. Like a chorus I’ll just say it again.
Let’s put our happiness on repeat make our bad days a single.
And I’m not saying I’ll never be the cause for your sad songs. Those I love him but he’s a dumbass songs. Those this love hurts too much got to put you in the past songs. That Aaliyah gone to soon, this our last song
Work with the kid and I promise to give you rap songs, I promise you Luke Bryant country songs, different languages we can travel the world songs.
Hand me the aux cord and I might change your night. Trust me with your heart and I might change your life.
I’ll put you on my shoulder so you can see all the lights and I’ll hold you down forever so you’ll have no sleepless nights.
Soulmate music, life will come and we just dance through it.
That Otis Redding, Al Green, Marvin Gaye love. Jack Johnson we can pretend it’s The Weeknd everyday love. Frankly I’ll  Swim Good and cross Oceans for you. Coldplay work around all the Clock’s to get the best view in the world because I think your a Sky Full Of Stars.
We haven’t written all the lyrics but we could be a great duet.
I know you can’t sing but you’re artist behind my favorite love song

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