Lately 10.13.15

As of late, do I cross your mind?

When you think about the summertime.

When you think about them Fall mornings or those Winter nights.

What about those Spring afternoons that were full of delight.

I got a million reasons to love you every season.

Lately my friend.

I’ve been saying “I love you” into thin air with the hopes that you breathe it in.

I’ve been saying “I miss you” to the breeze, hoping you catch it like a second wind.

I’ve been wishing your side of the bed good night, praying that you lay here again.

I don’t even know who I’m praying to but waking up before the sun rise and telling the sky good morning is just not the same as you.

I’m just laying up late at night looking for shooting stars in the sky so I can wish that we both are ready at the same time. But I understand, you was always late when we had a dinner date. So how can I expect you to be on time when it comes to fate.

I know it’s suppose to be you because I asked the universe what should my heart say?

And every song I seemed to play just answered your name.

And I ain’t never felt this way, so I can’t tell you how to feel this way.

See I ain’t never loved this way, so I don’t know how to make this love go away.

I’m trying to be your favorite person after long days. I’m trying to have you in my arms for extended stays.

See lately my friend.

I’ve been thinking about you lately, my friend.

But it’s only when the the sun is in the sky or the moon is on the rise. When I’m happy or sad. When it’s good or bad. Thoughts of you come first and last.

But I know you’re a beautiful astronaut, you just need your space.

Eveytime you take a deep breathe just know into that breeze I said “I miss you” into the air I said “I love you”

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